The Taylor Associate

Modern Virtual Assistant

The Taylor Associate is a company that works with entrepreneurs & social media influencers of all sizes. If you find yourself spending hours managing your social media accounts, trying to find new ways to constantly reinvent your brand or even search through a cluttered email box, WE ARE HERE TO DO IT ALL FOR YOU! You deserve to spend your valued time enjoying what you do while leaving the rest to us.

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Our Services

⭐Our packages are for clients who want to work with us for the month. Packages are a great way to discover if you'd like to work with us on a monthly basis before committing to a subscription package.

⭐Our one-time purchases are for customers who want to purchase specific packages.

Contact us for more information about any other VA service not listed below.

Create & Manage Social Media Posts

1.) Schedule out social media posts
2.) Create captions for social media posts
3.) Create an analytics report at the end of the month
4.) Review and respond to posts
5.) Check social media notifications
6.) Create a Content Marketing Strategy

Content Writing

1.) Writing blog posts
2.) Repurposing content
3.) Creating online job descriptions
4.)Brainstorming ideas for blog posts & Instagram posts
5.) Write e-books


1.) Write job listings
2.) Organize email boxes
3.) Calender maintenance
4.) Responding to emails