HI, I'm Taylor

Who the heck am I??

Hiiiiii all! I'm Taylor, the creative mind behind The Taylor Style. I have always loved creating pretty spaces that make a house feel like home, but this year in particular, I finally took the leap to make my current home, my dream home. I know you are just as guilty as me of scrolling through Pinterest + wishing your house looked like all those pretty pins. And you know what? IT CAN. So I thought, why wait for something that may never come? And so, my creative outlet was born!

My husband has a deep love of power tools, so this really ended up working out in my favor. My son also has learned all about them and is always wanting to help us out with our projects. We have two littles on the way, yes you read that right, we are having twins! So our chaos is about to jump to a whole new level. We currently live in a cute little cookie cutter suburban home in Arizona + while we have big dreams of wide open spaces, this is where we are right now. So I'm going to make the most of it, and I hope you'll follow along! You can find me on the gram:
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And if you need some inspiration or a helping hand, I'm your girl! I want to help you LOVE your home in the now!

Faux Brick Wall

This wall was truly a labor of of love. From start to finish, it took about 5 months to complete, which is why you should never start a project when you find out you're pregnant. And then you find out you're pregnant with twins lol but somehow we made it to the end!

Originally, I had painted this wall a pretty sage/olive green color to make it my accent wall and give the room some "oomph", but after staring at it for about a year, it really just made the room darker than I liked. After searching and watching a few other people put up white brick accent walls, I decided to go for it with a sheet of faux brick I already had at 9 PM the day before we went on a summer vacation. Good idea right 😅?? My husband thought so too.

After pricing it out, I went with the faux brick sheets because they covered the most square footage and didn't cost a ton. In retrospect, I would do it all over again with real brick, because it would have been ten times easier to get it all on the wall + it would have been half the mess. It was kind of like putting together a giant puzzle with all the pieces we had to cut. But you live and you learn. I would have loved this brick more for a wall that has less outlets and windows.

After finally getting it all on the wall with a lot of liquid nails and brad nails, I decided I wanted to do a German schmear to finish it up. Boy did I not do my research on this technique 🤪 I thought I had watched enough people, but apparently not. I ended up covering the whole wall in premixed joint compound with an 11 inch putty knife, making sure to spread it out everywhere to give it an uneven, textured look. After that, my joint compound dried with a bit of a yellow color that I wasn't really loving, so I then mixed 25% ultra white paint with water so it wouldn't overwhelm my brick texture I worked so hard to curate.

At this point, I was feeling really doubtful about this whole project. I wanted to rip it all down and start over. But after I got done painting the whole wall, it turned out way better than planned and I loved the bright and light feeling it gave to the room. We then trimmed out each window and it really brought the whole thing together.

If I hadn't been pregnant when I started this, I probably would have finished within a month. But I was lacking a lot of motivation and desire to work in my hot garage in the middle of an Arizona summer. But what do you think?? Was it worth it all? I still think it was! And I'm just so happy it's done and makes the room feel that much more complete.

My most used tool for this project has to be hands down my brad nailer and air compressor. I used it for 90% of this project and I have used it for countless other projects already. If you don't have one, you need one if you are going to be doing a lot of trim work!

We also used our circular saw to help us cut down pieces vertically, a miter saw to make small easy cuts horizontally + a table saw to cut our big sheets down. I get asked this a lot, but if you can only invest in one saw, get a circular saw! It is super easy to use and usually comes in a starter power tool set. We use the Kreg Accu-cut with our circular saw + I 100% recommend it to make your life that much easier to make sure you are cutting straight.

Thanks for following along on this project with me! You guys gave me so much love and support the whole way + it meant so much 💗 go check out my story highlight on the Gram to see all the details!