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Ewwo! I'm pubby 🤍 n I'm an age regressor. Not sure what that means? Check the age regression information page! It'll explain a bit about regression in general.
I use age regression as a coping mechanism in my life and to manage everyday stresses that get too much sometimes!
I started my instagram account in January of 2019 because I wanted to show others my safe space and that it's okay to not fit into the typical "normal" dealing with everyday stresses and traumas from my past that are really difficult for me to deal with. Regressing helps me sort out feelings in a positive manner and really benifts my life and my views on it. I struggle with a few different mental health issues and I'll be the first to admit before I was introduced to age regression, my coping mechanisms were not always the best.
Since I've been introduced to the community, I've gotten a lot better at dealing with the things I experience and the things I feel. It hasn't always been a positive experience though! I've had to learn to deal with impure headspace and creepy "doms" in dms. I've had to deal with the negatives withing the community as well. Regressors going after each other and "canceling" every other person. People who refuse to research and confuse my sfw regression with the bdsm community and kink. I've been one of the luckier people within the age regression community and haven't had to deal with people in my dms being incredibly mean or anonymous hate and I feel incredibly grateful for that and all the support I get!
Please remember to spread kindness in a community that already has enough hate 🤍 and please remember that even if I share parts of my safe space with you, you aren't seeing everything. My headspace isn't so aesthetically pleasing all the time. How I choose to show myself on my account isn't always an accurate representation of the negatives that come from impure regression