We challenged the status quo of employee and competitive environment by joining a collaborative infrastructure that helps us build a scalable business and finally have a business that works for us and secures us financial freedom. Do you want to join us?

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You will have direct access to:

Andrea Blum - Award Winning Agent
Top 1% Toronto Top 5% Canada

Ask me for the complete list of top producers in my upper line, including:

• 1% U.S. team with over 2 billion in sales yearly. Former Re/max franchise owner with over 850 agents. Over 3,500 agents in ONE year at eXp.

• Former #2 agent in the world for Caldwell Banker Realty, franchise owner with over 400 agents. Over 4,000 agents at eXp.

• Former top 1% agent in the world for Keller Williams Realty. Best selling author for real estate agents. 

• Top Real Estate Social Media Expert
Over 500 agents in less then 2 years at eXp

• Top 1% Luxury Team - California

• #1 eXp Women’s team - Real estate speaker with background in communications, radio, television and film.

• #1 YouTube Real Estate Chanel (nr of subscribers)

Grant Cardone

Joined eXp

The #1 Sales and Marketing Trainer in the world, Grant Cardone, bestselling author of The 10X Rule and If You’re Not First, You’re Last, joined eXp in 2021.

Grant Cardone built his $1.9 Billion portfolio of multifamily properties from scratch. Moreover he was named the #1 marketer to watch in 2017 by Forbes Magazine.

Cardone joined eXp Realty because he sees a real estate business model that works and is the future of real estate. It’s scalable and has the power of a runaway freight train.

“As soon as I met Glenn and saw the growth of his company, I knew I wanted to be part of eXp in some way,” said Cardone. “Getting a chance to share my 10X Movement with real estate agents that are some of the most driven I have ever seen is what motivates me the most.”

Yes, by joining us, you get access to Cardone University Sales Training for FREE

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Cooperation VS. Competition

eXp and Top Agent Group is a progressive approach to real estate with the ultimate goal of sharing, cooperating and succeeding by working smarter not harder.

If you are at the building stage of your career or haven’t yet reach your full potential, we offer a customized business plan and efficient lead generating system that will maximize your potential avenues for converting leads into sales.

If you are a top producer that’s been thinking for some time to expand and become a team, we will help you focus on growth outside your local market by creating multiple revenue streams and passive income through share revenue.

What you will get when you partner with Top Agent Group at eXp Realty.

This is FREE... You won't ever pay me anything.

• The entire team like infrastructure with NO TEAM SPLIT. No desk fees, franchise fees or hidden fees
• 24 hr. emergency access for anything you need
• FREE Cardone University Sales Training
• Advance Team Leader program
• Expansion and Agent attraction training
• New Agent Bootcamp training
• First 90 days in Real Estate Training
• Premium eXp On-Boarding System
• FREE kvCore CRM (Client Relationship Management system) w/training and free website with IDX (value of $800+ per month)
• Lead Generation Training 
 plus option to add paid lead generation
• FREE Telelisting (phone numbers system) (Canada)
• Workplace by Facebook
• FREE electronic signature system
• FREE Skyslope - Transaction Management Software
• FREE - BrokerBay - Showing System
• 3 free personal deals per year
• FREE Regus office space (and rentals) across North America
• Personal Branding Training
• One-on-One Coaching and Mentoring
• 5/week Virtual Mastermind Group Meetings
• 50+ hours of live & pre-recorded online training per week
• eXp World (connect with others & attend live trainings with top agents from around the country)
• Advance social media training programs for Facebook, Instagram & YouTube
• Real estate marketing templates. Print materials, excel spreadsheets, downloadable, trackers
• Extensive tech support
• Lifetime access to all of the training in #topagentacademy sales training
• Lifetime membership to 5 private Facebook Groups where agents are sharing their winning strategies in real time
• FREE Prospecting Gold - scripts and dialogues
• FREE listing and buyer presentations we’ve used to sell over 6,000 homes so you have a proven system to win clients
• Marketing and follow up campaigns that generate and convert quality buyer and seller appointments 
• Access and corporate discounts to systems and trades
• Health Insurance
• Full access to all my top producers on my upper line
• Lifetime membership in the National Association of Expert Advisors
• Certified home selling and buying advisor designation
• Inside Sales Bootcamp
• Strategic Marketing Masters Course
• 52 Listings in 52 Weeks Program
• Buyer agent training
• Weekly interviews with the industries top agents
• KRU - Kinder Reese University and Inner Circle so you have access to our team of experts in marketing, outbound ISA services, and coaches so you never have to pay for coaching and training again
• Access to all NAEA and Kinder Reese live training events throughout the year for only the price of materials
• Invitation for producers closing 25M or more or with a minimum of 5 agents attracted to our private client mastermind

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• 80% agent / 20% brokerage split
• $16k cap (100% commission after that for remainder of anniversary year¹)

¹ Moves to $285 capped transaction fee, once $5700 reached, transaction fee is reduced to $75.
• $199 Startup Fee (includes first month fee)
• $139/Month Cloud Brokerage Fee
• $29 Broker Review Fee (per transaction until you cap)
• $17 Risk Management Fee (selected provinces)
(per transaction w/$200 cap)

*Note: GST applies to all services
*All fees in CAD

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• 80% agent / 20% brokerage split
• $16k cap (100% commission after that for remainder of anniversary year¹)

¹ Moves to $285 capped transaction fee, once $5000 reached, transaction fee is reduced to $75.
• $149 Startup Fee (includes first month fee)
• $85/Month Cloud Brokerage Fee
• $25 Broker Review Fee (per transaction)
• $40 Risk Management Fee
(per transaction w/$500 cap)

*All fees in USD

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Passive income



eXp Realty is an agent-owned company and for that reason one of the fastest growing companies worldwide in real estate and for good reason.


It’s time we get compensated for building up the brokerage financially.

eXp Realty offers every agent the unique opportunity to become a shareholder in the company in 5 different ways. 4 for free 1 at a discount.

Agents can earn equity awards for various achievements as well as the opportunity to earn back their yearly commission cap in stock.

Free ways of earning stocks in the company:

• First completed transaction of the year with eXp Realty you get awarded $200 worth of eXp world holdings common stock.

• When you cap you get awarded $400 worth of eXp holdings common stocks.

(Capping with eXp - eXp agents cap when they pay $16,000 to the company. So if you earn $80,000+ in gross commission (GCI) you should reach your commission cap each year. Reduced caps are available for teams at eXp.)

• For direct attracting another agent to the company and upon the closing of the agent’s first transaction with eXp Realty you get rewarded $400 worth of Exp world holdings common stocks.

• When you become an ICON agent. Up to 16,000 worth of eXp world holding common stock, eligible on a yearly basis, 12,000 is awarded and vests after three years and an additional $2000 will be insured after each company event (The eXp shareholders summit and Expcon with no vesting period, for a total of $4000.

(ICON with eXp. ICON Production Requirements:
A single agent, domestic team or members of a standard team are eligible for consideration for ICON status when one of the following is met per anniversary year.
1. Paid eXp Realty annual cap (currently $16,000) and annual per agent transactions fee cap (currently $5,700)
2. Annual gross commission income of $500,000 or more with a minimum of ten (10) closed transactions and payment of an ICON Qualifying Fee equal to $5,700 less capped transaction fees paid.)

Earning stocks in the company at 5% discount through Agent Equity Program:

You can choose to be paid 5% of each commission in company stock, at a 10% discount with instant equity. It’s optional and you can decide to take advantage of this at any time.


The founder of our brokerage made this program straightforward and easy to understand.

In order to join Exp you have to name a sponsor. eXp Realty agents can receive revenue share income from the sales activity of the productive team agents they sponsor into the company.

Agents earn based on adjusted gross commission income from the sales transactions closed by the personally sponsored capping agent and productive agents in their overall group.

If you bring another real estate agent with Exp Realty, you will receive a % of the gross commission. It has nothing to do with the profitability of the company that month or quarter. Your monthly revenue share check from Exp is based on the agent gross commission.

For example:

Let’s say Ann is a realtor and she ends up joining exp and names you as her sponsor. When Ann closes a $1,000,000 transaction at 2.5% commission she will pay a cut of 20% to eXp for the total commission. (We have an 80/20 split until caping at $16,000. After $16,000 you get to keep 100%.) Out of that, eXp will give you 3.5% because if it wasn't for you, Ann wouldn't have joined eXp and the company would have not made revenue. So you get a nice $875 as a thank you. And that happens every time the agent closes a transaction that you brought to the company as long as they are paying their 20%. Once they cap, you will no longer receive revenue share until their new cap starts over at their next anniversary year.

It gets better. Revenue share pays out 7 generations down. Multiply that now.

Ask me for the complete revenue share 7 generation breakdown .

Broker Owners / Team Leaders

For you:

Stability, security, FREEDOM.

Freedom to spend your time doing what ever it is that you want.

If you are MAXIMIZING your TIME through the number of transactions you’re closing every year, if you are training agents that keep on leaving, you must STOP and look for what other options are available. The goal is not to continuously raise the number of transactions every year. The goal is to understand the multiple revenue streams within real estate.

Ask yourself this question: “Would my business work without me in it every day?”

If your business requires you all day every day, you don’t have a business you have a job. Your goal should be to create a part of your business that produces income without you in it every day!

If you are a broker owner or a team leader you know the pain of scaling, attracting agents and most importantly, retention. Interested to learn more about the massive infrastructure I created to maximize your passive income?

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eXp Realty Teams structure

There are several ways you can structure your team at eXp.

First, any team name you establish under these models needs to be filed with your state commission before using it for marketing or branding purposes.


This eXp Realty team structure is almost like a referral partnership. This is the most common way that team leaders start their career at eXp.
Under this model, you are the team leader and there is no minimum amount of deals you have to do to sustain your team.
The cap is not reduced for any team members, so everyone is on a $16,000 cap and there is no minimum referral percentage required to the team leader.
There is no formal team agreement required by eXp, but you will want to submit a team roster. This basically provides eXp with a list of agents that you are sharing deals with on a consistent basis (one-off deals do not have to be on the roster).
An agent may want to start a self-organized team to allow other agents to be able to use the team leader’s marketing and branding.


This model is probably what most people think of when they think of a real estate team, with team splits and formal leadership from the team leader.
Each team member has a half cap of $8,000, with the exception of the team leader, who remains at a $16,000 cap.
Each agent pays a referral percentage to the team leader with a minimum required split of 75:25 on all deals. Remember, agents on your team are only paying a half-cap, so there has to be some sort of balance here to make sure the system can continue to work for everyone.
A written team agreement must be submitted to eXp and approved. eXp provides standard team forms that are customizable to fit your specific team needs. A team roster is also required to be submitted, so that it is clear which agents are working under your team name.
Qualifications: To qualify as a standard team, you need to have closed 30 transactions the previous year, or have done a minimum of $6 million in business. Keep in mind, this number refers to a consecutive 12-month period, not a calendar year. Once your team is in place, you will be expected to maintain this level of production as a team leader. Personal production and team splits all count toward your numbers here.


This is the eXp Realty team structure you would look at if you were looking to bring on a substantial team of 10 or more. The mega icon team provides a way to help your agents lower their costs while enhancing the value proposition for you as the team leader.
Each agent (with the exception of the team leader) has a quarter cap of $4,000. The cap for the team leader remains at $16,000.
This team is similar to the standard team in that it requires a written team agreement as well as a team roster.
The mega icon team also mimics the standard team with a required referral percentage to the team leader of 25%.
Qualifications: A mega icon team requires a minimum of $40 million in closed transactions for the team, or 175 closed transactions. It also has to have 10 capping team members in the previous 12 months.
The team is responsible for $56,000 in caps regardless of how many agents reach their individual cap. This helps ensure that the team is producing, and is a bigger concern for a team of 10 agents, versus one that has 25 agents working towards that $56,000 cap.


This is an option for spouses who are legally married and want to come in to eXp as a team. A domestic partnership can be dissolved or established at any time by contacting eXp support. Domestic Partnerships share one $16,000 cap.
Agents who structure in this way receive a discount on eXp’s monthly fees. Instead of paying two $85/mo fees to eXp, there is one $85/mo fee, while the second is reduced to $50/mo. (In US)
There is no written team agreement required. eXp’s agent registration forms contain a dedicated section pertaining to domestic partnerships, where all pertinent information is entered. Keep in mind that proof of marriage will be required to elect this structure.
Those are the more traditional ways to structure your team with eXp. An additional way that agents and team leaders are building teams with eXp is through revenue share.

External link

Brand new agent/Currently taking the course/In the business for a few years

For you - FREE

You will never pay me a dime. You will get access to all my systems, programs, trackers, PDFs, presentations, dialogues and handling objections, all for FREE! NO team 50/50 splits. And the best part? You get everything from my upper line sponsors as well, all for FREE! 

• First 90 days in Real Estate Training
• Business plan creation
• One on one coaching
• Social media training
Ask me for the complete breakdown of available trading

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Frequently asked questions —

Here are some of the questions and answers:

What is Top Agent Group?

Top Agent Group is my group of agents that named me as their sponsor and we are now business partners at eXp Realty. 

We build our businesses together with full transparency. We prospect together, we train together and we keep each other accountable.

There is no charge and these agents have full access to all my trainings, one on one coaching, all my systems, including my upper line training programs as well.

To be part of the group requires to be part of the eXp brokerage. 

Schedule a call to learn more

Are you a team?

Top Agent Group is not a team. It’s my network of international partner agents.

I’ve never been a fan of the team concept as all team members are building a business for the team leader. I don’t consider that fair or good business. I prefer to train agents to be successful and grow their own brand and name.

You will never pay me a dime. My split with eXp will be the same with your split. 

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What is Top Agent Academy

Top Agent Academy is my online real estate training course, where I share all my systems, techniques, all my secrets, everything I’ve learned from multiple retreats, and more then a decade of real estate and business training.

The course includes multiple pre-recorded modules, with multiple trackers, links, PDFs attached for most of the videos.

The best part? you get lifetime access to the private Facebook Group where I train once a month and every agent gets 30 minutes of free coaching with me.

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Would I have to advertise under you brand?

Absolutely not. We encourage growing your brand and awareness among your market share. You will have access to all our marketing products but using any of Top Agent Group Marketing materials is totally optional. The use of the brokerage logo and description will fall under the registration of your country, state and area based on your board requirements.

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Can anyone join your group?

As long as you have an active real estate license and exp is represented in the country you’re in.

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Is eXp a good fit for new agents?

Without a doubt. eXp offers the FastStart training program for new agents, as well as new agent masterminds, and 50+ hours of live training each week. Also, all new agents are paired with a local mentor that works with them on their first three transactions (and beyond if you’d like) for a small mentor fee. (US) and part of New Agent Bootcamp in Canada . As a new agent at eXp, you have such a great support system with your broker, mentor, and sponsor and you always have someone to answer your questions and help get your business off the ground.

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Does everyone that joins eXp have to recruit Agents?

No, it’s completely up to you! Most of the eXp agents don’t ‘recruit’ anyone, they just love the company and have agent friends and co-op agents that want to learn more about our brokerage.

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Is eXp a cloud Brokerage?

Instead of brick-and-mortar offices, eXp Realty agents, brokers and staff work from home or anywhere they desire via eXp Realty’s cloud-based environment. By using eXp’s robust technology, there are no commutes to and from the office. Agents are very mobile and make their office wherever there is an internet connection. That being said, we have access to over 500 staff members all the time with any needs we may have.

eXp uses cutting edge tools and technology to collaborate with agents and staff. Two of the main tools are eXp World and Workplace, which are used 24/7.
eXp World is eXp’s virtual world in which eXp agents and staff members move about and communicate with each other via their own personalized avatars on a large online campus, complete with offices for support staff such as accounting, brokerage operations, and human resources. There are meeting rooms and large auditoriums for the entire company to gather and even fun places — like the beach and soccer field. The experience is similar to the popular life simulation video game, The Sims.
Workplace is a Facebook product and is one of eXp’s most effective and popular communication tools because it helps the global eXp agent community interact seamlessly with one another in a quick, chat-like setting.
These two tools engage eXp’s massive agent population and allow them to interact seamlessly across states and time zones to talk out ideas and partnerships.

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Do you have admin support and broker support?

500+ eXp Realty Support Staff

Agents are supported by over 500 US and Canada based support staff 11 hours a day within our cloud office. Staff ranges from transaction management, agent concierge, tech support, accounting, HR, team support, onboarding support, plus many other departments…

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Do you have an office?

We have the corporate headquarters in Bellingham, Washington, and brick and mortar offices in states, regions and countries that require a physical office. Other than that, eXp agents and brokers work from their home offices, remote office space or Regus Coworking Center. As a company, this saves a tremendous amount of money and eXp is able to share the savings with their agents through lower costs and the revenue sharing program.

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What if I need a physical office or meeting room on occasion?

eXp has it covered. Every agent receives a free membership to the Regus Business Lounges (a co-working center) so you can go in and work in between appointments or reserve a conference room for you and your clients.

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Can my team or brokerage join eXp Realty?

Absolutely, there are multiple teams and brokers that switched to eXp. Call now for more info regarding team structures and qualifications.

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What’s Agent Equity Program?

eXp Realty offers every agent the unique opportunity to become a shareholder in the company, and celebrate the company’s financial success.

Agents can earn equity awards for various achievements such as closing their first transaction as well as the opportunity to earn back their yearly commission cap in stock. See the revenue share page for more details or call now.

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Revenue Share - Agent Financial Rewards

Agents at eXp Realty can receive revenue share from the sales activity of the productive agents they sponsor into the company. Revenue share is paid by eXp Realty and doesn’t reduce agent commission.

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Icon agent

ICON with eXp. ICON Production Requirements:
A single agent, domestic team or members of a standard team are eligible for consideration for ICON status when one of the following is met per anniversary year.
1. Paid eXp Realty annual cap (currently $16,000) and annual per agent transactions fee cap (currently $5,700)
2. Annual gross commission income of $500,000 or more with a minimum of ten (10) closed transactions and payment of an ICON Qualifying Fee equal to $5,700 less capped transaction fees paid.)

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Capping with eXp - eXp agents cap when they pay $16,000 to the company. So if you earn $80,000+ in gross commission (GCI) you should reach your commission cap each year. Reduced caps are available for teams at eXp.

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Health insurance

Starting in 2019, eXp introduced innovative and low-cost healthcare options for agents. While some real estate brokerages do offer health insurance plans, this is just another example of eXp prioritizing its agents’ well-being and success.

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eXp’s Preferred Partner program

eXp’s Preferred Partner program provides eXp Realty agents and their clients with a marketplace for home-buying and -selling services such as mortgages, title, escrow, moving services and home warranties. Everything is set up for an eXp agent to seamlessly keep the transaction moving forward.

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Why did you switch to eXp?

Although by business standards I am considered successful, I was tired of chasing after each commission.

There was no exit plan or retirement plan with any of the other brokerages. You are as good as your last paycheque. eXp offers stocks and revenue shares options.

It was equally important to be able to be around high producing and business visionary kind of people. 

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At eXp Realty, all agents are given access to a massive lead generation platform called kvCORE (Formerly called Kunversion). kvCORE is an all-in-one solution that gives agents their own lead generating website and back-end CRM database. Used together, this system helps agents generate leads from a variety of sources both online and with traditional methods.
The front-end website looks amazing and is very informative to potential leads and clients. Users can create an account that will let them save properties and searches so they may be alerted to changes. Also, you’ll have access to see all the properties that they are looking at, saving, and which searches they are interested in.
The powerful CRM system allows agents to manage an extremely large database of leads without ever dropping the ball on communication. Some of the features of the KV Core CRM include smart email drip campaigns, texting straight out of the system, and the ability to create landing and squeeze pages to support lead generation by even the least tech-savvy of agents.

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Agents are inherently mobile and eXp Realty’s cloud-campus environment allows for collaboration and shared learning from any location in the world.

eXp agents are offered more than 50 hours of live training each week and can participate in virtual classrooms led by leading real estate experts. Not tech savvy? eXp’s live support team is available around the clock to get agents’ systems and tools up and running.

No need to hope an IT professional is accessible and available. eXp’s IT and service support staff is available during working hours across U.S. time zones, offering support for any question or need — technical or otherwise.

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Do I need to be a licenced real estate broker to join eXp Realty?

Yes, an active real estate license is required to join eXp Realty as an agent.

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Where is eXp Realty open for business?

eXp Realty has agents in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, India, Mexico, Portugal, South Africa, Columbia, Italy, India, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, Brazil .

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Do you have to pay multiple fees if you are licensed in several states?


Schedule a call to learn more

Are there any fees for Expansion teams?


Schedule a call to learn more

How much are the royalty or franchise fees?

Zero. We are a nationally owned brokerage, so there are no franchises. This should save many agents thousands of dollars each year.

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What is the split at eXp?

Every agent at eXp Realty has a split of 80/20 until the cap is met.

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Is there a commission cap?

Yes, eXp agents cap when they pay $16,000 to the company. So if you earn $80,000+ in gross commission (GCI) you should reach your commission cap each year. Reduced caps are available for teams at eXp.

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Where is eXp stock traded?

eXp stock is traded on NASDAQ (ticker symbol: EXPI)

Schedule a call to learn more

When can I cash out on my eXp stock awards?

Most of the stock awards agents receive are vested after three (3) years. So if you received a stock award for hitting your commission cap in January of 2020, you could cash it out (or move to your personal brokerage account) in 2023.

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How many real estate agents are with eXp Realty?

As of May 2021, we have over 52,000 agents at eXp. We are one of the fastest-growing real estate brokerages in the world, as more and more agents from across the world continue to flock to eXp Realty.

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How do I pick my sponsor at eXp?

Your sponsor is the person that introduced you to eXp Realty. If you spoke with multiple people before deciding to join eXp, you should name the sponsor that was the “procuring cause” or in other words, helped you say YES! to the brokerage. Also, you want to have a sponsor that is going to help you navigate the brokerage tools and technology and can guide you in the growth of your business — even if they are in another country!

Schedule a call to learn more

If I’m returning to eXp, can I pick another sponsor?

If you leave the company for at least six months, you can select a different sponsor upon your return to eXp Realty.

Schedule a call to learn more

If I need help with something, who do I call?

Here at eXp Realty, we have a unique way of making sure that agents have an abundance of resources when you need assistance. Your broker, sponsor and/or mentor can answer many of your questions, but you can also pop into the virtual office and visit the accounting department, technology team, and more. The virtual office is open about 10 to 12 hours a day so it’s super convenient for agents. You can also visit eXp Workplace and chat with your brokers, transaction team, accounting, stock services, and more.

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