the trainee adult.


Who, what, why, why...

Hey! I'm Anna a hard working energetic self starter who works great in a team and as well as independently, great under pressure but has oustanding time management skills, excellent organisation skills but also felixible...

....blah blah blah....

Yet this was most likely how my first CV/ Cover Letter looks (and if I'm honest still looks) - How Boring!

So I am on a mission to create an online space just for me to uncover the cross road (more like spaghetti junction) that I, and I'm sure the majority of 20 somethings, find myself at.

and... the trainee adult is born.

This is going to be space for this time in most people's lives where you're google history can feel embarrassing (get your head out the gutter, not for those reasons...) as you've searched for the millionth time how long to boil an egg despite being able to rustle up the perfect Ottolenghi dish for your mates. Where you're trying to decide what you want to be when you grow up (expect technically to 15 year old you, you are a grownup) whilst trying to hold down your current job and attend those super important networking events to land your dream job (oh wait you still don't know what that is), maintain a social life and keep fit and cook homemade healthy meals.....


Essentially this is going to be a space for anyone who can relate to being highly competitive, curious but does not really know how everyone else seems to adult... This is me sharing my journey as a trainee adult.

Work Life Balance

Simple right?

So frequently work life balance is thrown around as the goal we should all be striving for - an ability to constantly manage our work so we we still have time for the stuff we enjoy.

Last week (and tbh the last few 🤣) has not been that.

Like many end of year at work has been busy af leaving little time and, more importantly, energy for anything else.

Last week I may not have applied for the jobs I earmarked or attended the webinars I saved in my calendar or done much of my life admin

I did go running with my mates, dusted off my road bike, eat great food, made some banging margaritas, saw my parents (&more importantly Elsie 🐶) for a walk, watched TV and switched off!

Despite not getting all the stuff I wanted to done, everything I’ve done is equally as productive! Just because it’s not “work” doesn’t mean it’s not productive - being active, social and creative are so important to our wellbeing and are skills we need to thrive in work as well.