I blog about Self-Worth, Business, Reviews and Lifestyle.

Hallos! I’m glad to finally have you here, your presence here means a lot to me. Welcome on board!! I’m excited to share a lot with you.

My name is Rofiat Adedolapo Ayeola, but you can call me Roffydee.

I am a baby girl who loves to write and talk.

I am a professional talkative by birth but not a noisemaker, I mean if you ask my parents what I enjoyed doing as a child, their response will be she enjoyed talking.

I recently discovered that I need to share my awesomeness with a lot of people hence this blog.

I talk about topics I’m passionate about and I love having great conversations with awesome people.

I am the face and brain behind The Valid Conversation, an avenue where I get to create inclusive, relatable, and creative content as a way to share my thoughts and document my journey.

I am a lover of life. I believe in living a purposeful life and clamoring for gender equality.

I am a feminist by the virtue of what I know now however I don’t believe in extreme feminism.

I believe that men and women, boys and girls should be entitled to the same things without placing one gender above the other.

I believe in giving both genders equal opportunities at work, in school, at home, and everywhere else possible.

I aspire to be the best role model for my younger ones, friends, and every other person.

I hope to impact positively in people’s lives as well as inspire them to be more.

I hope your time here is a start to many more repeated visits.

Make sure you have fun through your navigation. I‘m sure you will enjoy it.