The Village

“Connecting people through Community, Creativity & Culture”

Community at The Village is defined as a safe and healing space where the entirety of you is welcomed. We take pride in celebrating each other while offering resources and support for one another. No pretending is necessary as our Village’s goal is to be inclusive to ALL to ensure that condemnation is left at the door.

Creativity at The Village is one of the many ways to articulate emotions and share experiences. The goal is to create a platform for all to be celebrated and supported in their endeavors.

Culture at The Village seeks to be relevant, diverse and inclusive. Our “vibe” is to be trendsetters and influence culture by changing the distorted ways people see Christ, themselves and others.

Which do you Connect with?

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The Village Eats

A space to agree and disagree

The purpose of The Village Eats is to create room for conversations; some light, some heavy. The goal is to leave with a new perspective, understanding and outlook. At The Village eats we hope to allow space for people to gain clarity on topics that may have been distorted

A space to present your art

The Village Unplugged

A space where we are strategic with sharing the gospel message - nights that are unforgettable where we spend time with friends from everywhere all centered around sharing art of all forms

The Village Reach

“Serving the community with our creativity”

This is the opportunity for The Village to go out and connect with people outside of the church. This can include community events that are centered around what he have to offer. We open a space for all to join in community with us through the arts.