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Hi, I’m Rama (rayma), wifey to Kyle, Mama to J&S, Platinum leader in Young Living, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, lover of Thai food & tacos. We recently made a move from the PNW to gorgeous Sarasota, Florida and with this came our fam living our best lives in a fixer close to the beach. It also inspired this space right here. The Well EO.

Why The Well?

When I think of a well, I think of a gathering place where people (women especially) draw water for their communities so they can have nourishment & thrive. A place where the woman at the well received grace, not shame, and a calling out to live her best life in light, not darkness, as she went forth.

Why A Modern Apothecary?

I love making healing concoctions, tinctures, rollers for people or looking something up oil-related that could aid in someone else feeling better. I do this in my nutrition practice as well & joke that I’m the neighborhood witch doctor 🧙🏼‍♀️ who loves Jesus. 🤗 I nerd out on the science behind oils, food & nutrition & you will always find me researching something along these lines. I have been looking up oil things for people since the day I got my kit 7 years ago & will never stop...it helps I grew a team of like-minded people who do the same and now we nerd out together. 🤓🤓✌🏽

Do you like your job?

I love it. I will never stop doing this and holistic nutrition as it has become my life‘s work after receiving a cancer diagnosis at 19. Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.
I have also gone through postpartum thyroid/adrenal issues as well as breast implant illness & explant and it never ceases to amaze me how much healing & support these oils and supplements have brought to my life. I will never go a day without them and want to help anyone I can in preventative wellness so that you and your loved ones do not have to walk the path I have had to walk. There is so much we can do every day to take care of our one precious body that we are given in this life. Maybe, just maybe, if you start ditchin’ & switchin’...your body burden will be a little lighter. 😉🙏🏽

What we’re about ::
Women uplifting women, humans cheering on other humans regardless of differences, stronger immune systems, working from anywhere, kicking toxins & disruptive chemicals to the curb, always pushing & learning to know more about oils, wellness, & best business practices so we leave an honorable legacy behind for our children & this earth, striving to serve & be of value to our families & communities with robust health in mind, this includes emotional wellness & soul work. Grab your oils & come link arms with us. There’s always a place for you at The Well.

‘We are in the business of caring about people.’

- Gary Young, Founder of Young Living

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