The Wellnest

Jade Rodelli

Hi! I’m Jade, and I’m here to welcome you to The Wellnest…

A space to support and advocate for you on your journey into motherhood + beyond. Offering services in The Greater Phoenix, Arizona area.

A little more about me— I’m a born and raised New Yorker who migrated to the desert where I now raise my three
children with my better half. After the birth of our daughter in 2017 I immediately realized that some days it does take a village, and other days maybe just a hand. It was then that I knew I could be that hand for others. My instinct passion for natural-minded health + wellness, especially for women in their new or existing roles of motherhood has lead me to be exactly here.

With love,
Birth & Postpartum Doula


Postpartum Doula Offerings

* Providing support for the emotional + physical healing post childbirth.
* Help to establish breastfeeding, as well as bottle feeding support.
* Newborn basic care/necessities. Ex. diapering, bathing.
* Bonding/ soothing techniques + recognizing newborn cues.
* Guidance on proper nourishment + it’s importance for the body post-birth.
* Can include meal prep, light cooking, shopping lists, delivery services, etc.
* Screening for postpartum mood disorders.
* Natural alternatives within doula scope of practice.
* Sibling + family support during this transition.
* Postpartum planning **established during pre-natal visit.
* Create a nurturing space for baby in home.
* Unlimited phone + email support
* Community care + local groups
* Provide evidence based resources + refferals beyond Doula offerings or scope of practice.

Pricing varies depending on hourly care.
Now offering in person and virtual support options.

Registry Consulting

Why this may be for you…

Becoming pregnant, your entire world shifts. You are now only months away from holding your baby outside of your body. Some may find this time extremly exciting, some anxious, or overwhelmed. Regardless, you may not know where to begin when it comes to “what exactly does this baby need?” Along with all the other planning, you now have to research product knowledge, gear, brands, ingredients, care necessities, etc. What most new parents do not realize is how much you actually do not need, or have to spend on— or what you may want to spend a little extra on. Knowing your budget, whether its very little, unlimited, minimalistic, or luxury— I am here to help navigate the many options offered to you to make it easy so you can stay focused on your #1 priority…your body and your baby’s well-being.

Let’s create your registry or just a helpful guide on where to start with your “nesting” needs!

4th Trimester Planning

Let me help guide you

Postpartum wellness begins during pregancy. Most women create a birth plan that consist of wishes for the desired birth they aspire to have. Most families have an idea with what is to come after baby, but just like your birth “plan”, your fourth trimester might not be exactly what you have expected post-pregnancy. Coming up with a postpartum plan and having extra support to assist your healing process can improve mother’s confidence, breastfeeding success, as well as ease anxiety and promote rest for recovery. This can be everything from how to honor your new body and the changes that come with childbirth—to parenting styles. Restoring the mom is just as important as welcoming the baby. Healthy mama’s create a strong foundation for a healthy family.

* Please contact me for PDF download

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