- Free thinker - Wife - Momma - Gardener - Homemaker - Patriot -

Hi friend👋🏼
I am so happy you are here! A few things about me I am a small town girl from Alaska Who loves this great country that we live in. I am married to a sweet gentle smart soul, we married in 2013.

Together we have two little boys and one pup Joey who is 10 years old. My hubs works in the oil patch and I am a stay at home momma who is obsessed with her family,coffee, gardening and, low toxin living.

I love sharing about my oily low-tox journey, gardening doing things the old fashion way and I’ve been called to shine a light on the corruption that’s happening with our country today.

If you are looking for community in this crazy world wanting to learn how to grow vegetables and make things by hand wanting to learn how to become less client on the government and more resilient and reliant within your own self than you are in the right place friend!

Let’s grow and learn together while standing in solidarity of not complying to the atrocious overreach of our current government.

Hit the next slides to get a hold of discount links as well as if you’re wanting to become a Young living customer that is there too! Thank you for being here!