✨ Creator of Love and Light ✨

Hello my name is Stephanie and I am the creator of The Wild Sunflower 🌻

My passion officially flowered in July of 2017 but I have been weaving since I was a young girl. The love I have for crystals is what planted the seed that blossomed into what I am today 🌟

Custom designs are my specialty. Creating a personal aesthetic to suit your own style brings me so much joy. I really love to create magical pieces for you to wear 🌈

How to make a purchase & order a custom design

Readily Available Jewellery

Have a scroll through my feed and see what’s available. See something you like? Leave me a comment or send it to me in a DM asking for more details.

QUICK LOOK — All jewellery pieces that are readily available for sale will be found in my highlights under FOR SALE just swipe up to claim or to ask for more details.

Once it’s sold it will be removed from highlights.

If it’s marked as SOLD in my feed don’t worry I’m most likely able to re-create a similar design. Check out below how to order a custom piece.

Custom Design Jewellery

Did you find something you love? But maybe you wanted a different colour cord or less beads and more shells!

Well custom designs are my specialty! Send me a DM I’d love to hear from you and would be happy to discuss with you your preferences.

How to Pay

Purchasing is super easy. I accept payment via PayPal *friends & Family option.* and I accept payments via direct bank transfer.

Once you have decided on what to buy, or we have completed discussing your custom design I then provide you with the payment details.



Once you have made payment via the options mentioned above, only then I will ship your order off to you.

All custom orders must be paid for in advance or an agreed non refundable deposit is to be paid before I commence any custom pieces.

This policy is in place to avoid time wasters. I am a very busy mother and I don’t want to waste my precious time and materials if you are not ready to commit on a custom design.

I use Sendle to post out my parcels and on occasion I use Australia Post.

Please be aware that I will not be held responsible for any lost parcels as this is out of my control.

I want more than anything for you to receive your parcel safely and I will exert all avenues to retrieve it for you.

In the event of a lost parcel you will only be receiving a partial of the postage fee refunded to you within 7 days of the parcel being officially marked as lost by the courier.

Everywhere where possible I am sustainable. I will re use boxes, bags bubble wraps, string etc to securely pack your orders. I will never send off a package that would damage the product in the process, as most of my products are fragile I take great care in making sure they are protected before packing them up for you. So on arrival there should NOT be any problems with your order..

I make every single piece with love and care, I take the time to make sure every knot is tightened securely and in the right spot so the crystal doesn’t fall out. I have years of experience doing macrame and making earrings. The products I source are ethical and sustainable and I do my best to provide quality products. Some of the products I use can be fragile such as shells, crystals, & beads so that part is on you to handle your jewellery pieces with care.

In the case of a fault in the product due to my craftsmanship I’d appreciate that you contact me directly sending me clear photos of the problem and explain what happened in your experience. I want you guys to be happy. If in the case the product is not doing what it should be due to my craftsmanship I’d be happy to repair or re make the original piece. Conditions are that you pay for the shipping and send the product back to me. I have this policy in place to protect me and my small business as this provides a fair service for those who are genuine about the said damaged pieces.

WHY Sustainable & Recycled Materials

Save Mother Earth!

Back in 2015 I journeyed through a major spiritual growth path and during that time I learnt a lot about our planet that I had been oblivious to. I had gained knowledge that I never thought could ever be true and since then I vowed that I’d do everything that I could to reduce waste and do my part to save our Mother Earth.

There is so much wastage in our oceans harming marine life, our dumping grounds are over flowing and humans are to blame! We use things once and then throw it away when it’s not in “fashion” anymore or a newer version has been developed. We have become consumers beyond our means and it’s appalling.

From as young as I can remember I had always enjoyed going to the markets or an op shop and rummaging through baskets and shelves looking for something special. Almost every time I found something that I thought deserved to be loved again so I’d ask my Mum if I could have it and she usually said yes! Even till this day I love to go to markets and op shops and my daughters especially my 12 year old absolutely love it too.

I find a sense of joy, hope and gratitude in purchasing second hand items, knowing that it brought joy to someone at some time and the fact that it’s been recycled and reused again is making a huge difference to our Planet and the wastage dilemma we are currently facing. It’s time we all start to take responsibility, Mother Earth is crying out to us and it’s about time we listened!

Another reason why I love to use sustainable and recycled materials is because they are usually one of a kind pieces and that just makes it extra special because it’s rare and being able to re create a lost treasure has a magical feeling to me, it’s like bringing it back to life for it to be adorned again.

Pendants & Charms

Ahh these are my favourite to re create with because they have this vintage vibe to them. It takes me back to the days I use to adore my mothers jewellery box and spend hours pulling out all her rings and necklaces trying them on... I was in pure bliss every time.


I have this thing for deconstructing things...
..... so when I find an old necklace full of beads I get excited because I can’t wait to take it apart and use those beads to add some magic to a new necklace!

Sea Shells...

What do you do when the ocean gifts you treasures? You create jewellery with them of course!

My children and I ALWAYS come home from the beach with at least one bucket load of shells!

I’m a mermaid at heart and being a Pisces I’m naturally drawn to anything to do with the sea.

So if you LOVE shells then you have come to the right place! I love creating with these beauties and you’ll notice many of my creations are adorned with shells.