One line. One circle. One family.

Hey! Welcome to our page. We have such a lively family and we would love for you to join. We pride ourselves on being inclusive, supportive, and creative. Star Stable can get a little boring now and then but we like to add new games, traditions, social media and other creative ideas to make it more enjoyable.

🔹We offer a few different teams:

- Our dressage team! We are holding a competition for all UK players. We are a new team but love to learn from others.

- Our Social Media team! They are the people who take photos, make videos, edit and explore ways to connect everyone around us!

- Who knows? Maybe you could be our next team leader?!

🔹 Our Ranks 🔹

- Member, the given role

- Trainee, for those who play an active role on SSO and Discord

- Dressage Instructor, those who help Sylvie out with running the team

- Champions, The club leaders who help the owners out with admin.

- Co-owner, Who helps own the club and manages our many tasks!

- Owner, I own the club and try to make it as enjoyable as possible.

Meet our club!

Sylv •|• Sylvie Stormlight

Role: Owner

Quote: “I read her eyes like paragraphs and her tears like chapters for she didn’t have much to say with words but rather, silence”

Hi! I am one of the co-owners of TWC! I am a quirky one who loves to chat. I am one of the Scots in the club and I like to ensure the club is running smoothly. I am head of the dressage team and tend to be the one that is chasing everyone up for lots of

Paigey •|• Paige Opalsong

Role: Co-Owner

Quote: “I followed my heart... and it lead me to the fridge”

Hey, I’m Paigey and I really like anime and Kpop. I am apart of TWC’s dressage team and I’m also a Champion!

Lily •|• Lily Winterluck

Role: Champion

Quote: “I’m going to eat you up like a banana milkshek”

Hi! I’m Lily. I am in the dressage team and I really love kpop. I am an anime fan too! I am extroverted so I like making my club members happy. I am obsessed with pocky because it tastes good lol.

Violet •|• Violet Mousehall

Role: Champion

Quote: “Heaven can’t be heaven if my horse isn’t there to welcome me”

My SSO name is Violet Mousehall and I’m one if the current instructors for TWC. In real life I play piano, I’m actually working towards grade four at the moment and I love creativity: Art, Drawing, Descriptive writing ect. And that’s a little about me I suppose.

Grace •|• Grace Sweetson

Role: Champion

Quote: "Your secrets are safe with me... I wasn't even listening"

Hi, I'm Grace Sweetson. I'm pretty chill and like to have fun. I enjoy art, playing video games, reading every now and then and making people smile. ;D

April •|• April OakFall

Role: Member

Quote: ‘You are stronger than you seem, braver than you believe and smarter than you think’

I am an sso Youtuber with a passion for external gaming, I sing and play the piano and I’m always one for cracking jokes 😝

Jammy •|• Julia Tulipgarden

Role: Experienced Rider

Quote: “What are you doing in my swamp”

Ello, I’m Jammy my favourite movie is Shrek. I love to spend time with my friends and make people laugh! Merry Christmas.

Street •|• Tia Nightlion

Role: Trainee

Quote: “you are not normal. Everyone is unique and special”

I am friendly, polite and helpful person. I am in for a nice chat and activity’s and love to meet new people. While I love to play video games. My heart go out to something with a good story. Always staying positive and helping each other out. No matter how hard it will be. I love a challenge.

Reg •|• Regina Autumnfeather

Role: Trainee

Quote: "I don't love studying, I hate studying. i lIkE lEaRnInG. LeArNiNg iS bEaUtIfUl"

Hello! I am Regina Autumnfeather but you can call me Reg. I have been playing SSO for about 2/3 years now and I adore TWC they are just so kind and friendly they treat you like family would.

Lottie •|• Charlotte Shortflower

Role: Trainee

Quote: “life is not rich, being popular, being highly educated or being perfect, it’s about being yourself, being loving and being kind”

I love being kind to others and helping people when they need it the most. I love my friends 3000. I love riding horses and eating food!

Tawnie •|• Andreyna Pandawater

Role: Trainee

Quote: “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutley boring”

Hi, I’m Brooke. My life is based around gaming and horses. I have a group channel with my best friends and I am so happy I joined TWC.

Bean •|• Violet Maplegale

Role: Trainee

Quote: “seeing a spider in my room isn’t scary. It,s scary when it disappears”

Hi! I’m bean. I don’t say much but here is a random fact about me: I hate spicy food. Anyways bye! - bean!

Isabel •|• Isabel pureroad

Role: Member


Bear •|• Hazel Truthstibe

Role: Member

Quote: “The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you got to put up with the rain.”

Hey I’m bear! Aka Hazel Truthstone, I’ve been on star stable for around 3 months and I love it! Don’t get me started on TWC, they are my life and my best friends. My family. I’ve been horse riding irl for about 3 years and I love to draw. Thanks for listening! x

Anny •|• Tiffany Riversong

Role: Member

Quote: "If i eated soap. I dont eat it bc i did. No i didnt ❤️"

Hi, I'm Tiffany Riversong aka Anny, I like games, music and drawing, I don't like socialising with people outside my friend group and I want to be a game developer when I grow up.