This Keto Gal

Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Sonia. I’m married, and a mother of three. Been doing the mom and wife thing for 23 years now. I am a splenectomy survivor. I had four major surgeries from September through November of 2018. I live with beta thalassemia minor which is a blood condition which interrupts the growth of healthy blood cells in turn resulting in a sort of permanent anemia. It’s a bit more extensive but I won’t bore you with the details.
I have always struggled with my weight. As a young child I was always a bit on the heavier side. I’ve never had that skinny, small frame kind of body! Nevertheless, I never gave up the desire to reach my goals in fitness. I have always loved becoming more active, I love boxing, walking, hiking, and weightlifting. I enjoy the gym very much and early morning hikes!
After my four major surgeries in 2018 I decided to take my life back and to live up to my full potential. I have tried countless diets, changed my lifestyle a dozen times, I’ve tried meal replacement shakes, tried becoming vegan, I’ve done the salad, soup, and water diets. You name it I’ve probably tried it!
•How I learned about Intermittent fasting: After the health issues I experience difficulty healing, I was suffering constant pain. The inflammation in my body due to all the trauma it had experienced was causing me pain 24/7. There was days I couldn’t even cloth myself. I depended on my family to help me get out of bed when the pain was at its max. So a friend of mine spoke to me about intermittent fasting and the benefit of giving your body a break from digestion. I also learned that it helps with healing so that sold me right away! I was willing to try anything at that point. I just wanted my pain to be less. I did notice my pain lessen but not enough to convince me it would work.
•How I learned about Keto: I have to be completely transparent, I was a skeptic about keto. I had no trust in this “new keto trend” I was at a point in my life where I felt angry, frustrated with my body not because of the way it looked I didn’t really care about that... I just wanted to NOT live with constant pain! I was suffering from anxiety, depression, and often had panic attacks because of the overwhelming pain I was living.
One of my good friends Maria, direct messaged me one day and asked if I had ever considered a ketogenic diet. From there she give me the basics about keto and I began to research this lifestyle. At this point I was willing to try anything to help my body heal and feel better. On February 2nd 2020 I decided to give Keto a try and combine the intermittent fasting with it, This was a pivotal moment in my life and I didn’t even know it at the time. One week after starting the ketogenic diet and continuing the intermittent fasting my pain went from a 99% to about a 65%. In one week I lost 5-7 pounds, and I felt the huge difference compared to the weeks prior to starting in regards to the pain level! I noticed my inflammation began to subside and the stress my body was experiencing began to lighten. My anxiety and depression was going away because the pain was subsiding...I Was Hooked!
Flash forward to three months later I have lost 30 pounds, I don’t have pain 24/7 as I did before. I feel much lighter physically, mentally, and emotionally. I can truly say Keto and Intermittent Fasting has changed my life enormously! As always I do recommend that you consider consulting with your doctor if you ever decide to change your lifestyle and also doing research to be well educated on any lifestyle change you may be interested in.
I hope to inspire, give hope, and help in this journey to becoming a better us everyday!