About Me

Don’t be ashamed of your story, it will inspire others 💗

From a young I was always told to be like someone else. It was a regular occurrence to be told
‘Why can’t you be more like them?’
‘Why don’t you do it like they’re doing it?’
‘How come they can do it and you can’t?’

I was never accepted as just being ME!

As the years went by the comments started towards by body.
Baring in mind I was always between a uk size 6-10, I was told
‘You need to tone up’
‘Hold your bum in’
‘Oh don’t eat that you will gain weight!’

I was constantly put on diets and sent to the gym. I was also a dancer from the age of 3-17.

I would do anything to be liked and accepted!

I was a high achiever, passing all 10 of my GCSE’s with flying colours. You see I was expected to do well.

But no matter how well I did I was always told that I could do better!

I had a bright future ahead of me. I went to collage to study travel and tourism, business studies and French. I knew what I wanted in life.

At the age of 16, not long after I started college I was diagnosed with anorexia. My weight plummeted and it got to the point I was hospitalised and given months to live.

My insecurities were killing me!

Thankfully I got the help and support I needed with my body and my mindset.

I was transferred to an eating disorders clinic in Newcastle.

I was in a long term relationship and while I was still recovering I miraculously fell pregnant at the age of 17 with my now eldest son.

To me it was a blessing, my body was functioning again, this baby gave me a reason to live! But to certain people close to me I was told that if I kept the baby I would be ruining my life.

Those words will ring strong today!

After the birth of my eldest son and still receiving support from the eating disorders team I was hit with another issue. My relationship broke down and I was a 18 year old single mum without a job, no career prospects as I had to leave college and no support.

I had to find a home for me and my son. I had nothing!

I was in and out of abusive relationships.

By abusive, I mean, sexual, mentally and physical abuse. I thought I deserved it. I must’ve done something wrong to be treated this way.

I tried to please others but I was hurt as a result. I must be the problem.

I fell pregnant with my second son to a partner who was abusive towards me.

After being physically abused at 6 months pregnant I was kept in hospital for a week because my baby wasn’t moving as he should.

From that day onwards I was a single mum to two boys!

With no support network, my survival instinct kicked in.

I applied for a job at a leading high street bank. I found a wonderful childminder and I went to work.

Juggling single mum life and work life.

I’m not ashamed to say it was tough.

At 23, I met my now husband.
I was reluctant to let another man into my life.

My husband did everything he could to convince me that we should be together.

I was a hard person to love because I had major trust issues, I was scared of doing something wrong.

2 years after we met we got married and went on to have 3 more boys of our own!

I was now a mum of 5.

I between this time my husband and I worked around each other. Sharing the childcare between us. We never got to see each other and our relationship was on the rocks.

Still a the bank and working a variety of evening jobs I was hardly home and wasn’t seeing my boys.

This was not what I wanted for my family!

At the bank I was demoted as a result of not being able to work full time. I was bullied because I had a family and they weren’t very family friendly at all!

Things had to change.

I had always wanted to be an early years teacher and now I had children of my own I wanted to follow that dream.

So while I was on maternity with my 4th son I took a diploma and studied to become a childminder.

After the birth of my 5th son, the bank wasn’t the right place to be.

So I took the plunge to go self employed along with my husband we opened our childminding business.

I made my passion into a business that fit around my family.

Then a couple of years ago I discovered blogging. I love to help others and if by sharing my life experiences and knowledge can help someone I’m going to do it!

Then recently the opportunity to pursue my dream of working in the travel industry came along.

I became a home based travel agent and business mentor!

It couldn’t be better!

Turning all my passions into businesses so that I can give my family the best I can give!

Now I want to help others do the same!

To help them follow their passions and turn them into a business.

I’m living proof that it can be done 💗

So come on, let’s get you making the most out of your life, follow your dreams and passions and do what’s right for you 😊