Making impact one brand at a time.

I have over 8 years of experience in the marketing and advertising sector as a founder, digital strategist and lead marketer. During this time, I've had the opportunity to establish and operate my businesses, work with award-winning media companies, brands and consulted on some epic campaigns.

I'm currently the Head of Marketing at a fast-growing startup, Jasper. Jasper is a tech-enabled real estate fund manager based in Auckland, NZ, providing investors with access to private market investments. Established in 2019, Jasper now has over NZ$150 million of assets under management, and growing.

Key Career Highlights:

Advertising - I've managed just over $5m in media spend that have generated excess of $20m in revenue/sales.

Digital Transformation - I led and implemented the digital strategy for Zambrero's online ordering system in New Zealand, taking it from $32k per month in sales to over $400k.

Brand - I established De Contemp Clothing and Digital Chapter Media from pre-revenue to running it profitably before exiting. In addition, I've strategised & implemented national marketing efforts for a leading global QSR brand (Zambrero), helping them build a recurring customer base across all the major cities in New Zealand.

Strategy - I've worked with over 47 SMEs across New Zealand and Australia within the e-commerce, hospitality and health sector.

Integrated marketing campaign- Most recently, I strategised and led the launch of Jasper's Industrial Income Plus Fund, successfully helping my team raise $15.2m of investor equity in 5 weeks through high impact Digital, OOH, Print & Public Relations tactics.

Entrepreneurship and Business - I started an e-commerce streetwear brand called De Contemp selling across NZ, AUS, and the UK, scaling its online sales from zero to six figures within half a year, and partnering with European giants ASOS. I decided to narrow down my passion for brand building, advertising and marketing by launching Digital Chapter Media. An online boutique advertising agency where I led a small team to deliver successful growth campaigns for e-commerce businesses across NZ and Australia.

These are some of the brands I've worked with/for: Zambrero NZ, Homegrown Juice Company, Coca-Cola, World Vision, TAB, TRAVLR, VTNZ, Griffins, Zomato Media, Barkers Menswear, Nespresso, and more.