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My name is Meagan, but most people call me Meag.

I’m born and raised in NJ, currently in historic Asbury Park, and try to work on saying “coffee” instead of “cawfee”.

My husband and I recently bought ourselves a fixer upper, and are working hard to make it into a home.

Thanks for coming on this journey with me on @ThistleBeHome!

I’m a full time Assistant Digital Editor/Medical Journalist and freelance on the side.

Please visit my full website in the link below for more info on my copywriting, socials management, and other digital services.

Top Home Picks

My top recommendations

This will change frequently and include all my fave things from home decor, to skincare, style, and beyond!

Hemnes Dresser

My favorite piece in the whole apartment is our bedroom dresser. It’s simple, clean and timeless. This is probably the piece that gets the most compliments, and who doesn’t love those?!

Pour over coffee maker

I love coffee. So much so that my coffee station is one of the few places on the counter that is still cluttered.

This pour over coffee maker is much more aesthetically pleasing to look at than a standard Mr. Coffee, and even makes a better cup.

Spice up your countertop, open shelving, and your pallet with this adorable glass container! I put mine on a wooden trivet for added styling.

Rustoleum Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum Painters Touch 2X Ultra Cover has been an absolute game changer for our apartment. When you don’t want to buy new but you need a refresh, this is a must.

Super simple to use, great coverage, lovely color options, and the finish looks professional.

Since buying my first can, I can’t stop spray painting!

Home Depot White Planters

I used to mix and match everything, but realized that wasn’t my style. I like to keep things simple + easy. That’s why I love these pots. They go with any style and come in a variety of sizes!

Block clock

This minimalist clock looks so sleek on our dresser. It was a nice change up from my old alarm clock from high school with the large red face. Favorite features: temperature display, can be battery operated to eliminate the wire, light automatically dims at night.

This clock also has an optional sound activated sensor where the display will only turn on when there is noise in the room (rustling around, a clap, etc).

Handmade floral dream catcher

This dream catcher was actually a commissioned piece —it is made with my wedding bouquet! She also has a TON of dream catchers to choose from in so many colors, shapes, and sizes.

She’s also a total sweetheart.

This piece brings me joy every time I look at it, and I can’t recommend getting one enough!

Tripsy shop also has an Etsy page and DIY dream catcher kits if you’re feeling inspired.

Top Beauty Picks

My fave beauty finds

Dashing Diva Gel Strips

I’m never going to the nail salon again. These nail strips lasted for TWO full weeks on my nails, and that’s with a home renovation.

They are super affordable and come with enough strips to do two manis or a mani pedi depending on your nail size.

Really love these and have since bought more because I am hooked! Picked mine up at Ulta, or you can purchase directly from the retailer at the below link.

Round Eyes Eyelash Curler

This eyelash curler was specifically made for those of us with round eyes, and it’s a total game-changer. My eyes look so open and bright after using this tool!

Thought this one would be a marketing ploy, but I was proved to wrong.

Tweezerman also makes curlers for other eye shapes which I have not tried, but I’d imagine they are just as great!

CC Cream

This buildable foundation has become a staple in my vanity. It is hydrating, doesn’t aggravate my acne, and a little goes a long way.

Biggest piece of advice when using this is “just a dot, not a lot” just like they used to tell us in art class. Start small, and build up to what you want your coverage to look like.

I’m on my third bottle of this, and I know I’ll be getting another when it is empty!

Clarity Exfoliating Wash

The Clarity “Cleanse As Needed” exfoliating wash has been a staple in my (very full) skincare cabinet for over a year now. It was recommended to me by my esthetician as a gentle way to chemically exfoliate.

If you are still using apricot scrub, please throw it in the trash and light it on fire.

The way this wash works, in the words of my esthetician, is “little tiny Pac-Men eating away your dead skin cells instead of scrubbing them off like rough sandpaper.

I use this 2x per week, sometimes 3 depending on my acne & needs.

Also this bottle lasts FOREVER since it comes with so much product and you don’t have to use it every single day.

Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser

If there is one face wash you need to buy, it’s this one.

My friend over @RosalieRouge put me onto this, and I’m on my fourth or fifth bottle.

This facewash was one of my first “clean” skincare buys, and it truly changed my life. I used to suffer from very painful cystic pimples at lease twice a month, and since making the switch to this in conjunction with a multi step skincare routine I’ve only had about two this whole YEAR!

My routine in very very short summary is always based around (1) wash/double cleanse (2) tone (3) serum (4) moisturize (5) facial oil.

This cleanser smells naturally of delicious strawberries because it’s made with strawberry seeds. This makes using it even more like a calming spa experience.

Color Revitalizing Glaze

This hair glaze is perfect for use in between salon visits. This one in particular is for my fellow blondies, but they also make one for darker hair!

My blonde highlights tend to turn brassy and orange in between visits and this brings them back to their beautious blonde in just one use!

It also gives hair a soft and glossy feel, similar to the glaze they offer at the salon. This one just costs a lot less money.

I prefer this to a purple shampoo because I love my shampoo too much to switch, and I never really had success with them - my hair always got way too dry.

Highly recommend for anyone who colors their hair or who just needs a little boost!