Thoughtful Sketches

Digital Artist / Graphic Designer

Since I can remember, I've loved art! My name is Taylen Sather and I live in the Praries of Saskatchewan. I'm a primarily self taught artist who excelled in advanced placed classes and was bestowed a Certificate of Excellence for Visual Arts in high school. I am currently studying Creative Technologies with a minor of Business at the University of Regina.

In 2016, I invested and purchased tools for digital art. Since then, I've worked countless hours to improve my artistic ability and learn unique design processes.

I've worked on numerous projects and believe I am capable of designing any requests whether from a friend or from a business. Please feel free to reach out to me for any design needs or business inquiries!

Thoughtful Sketches

Ordering A Commission

1 — You send me a message (with info, pics, direction)!
2 — We confirm a price**
3 — You Paypal or E-transfer me
4 — I get started!
Time to completion: avg 1 Week

**$75+ Portraits, Logos vary ($250), $40+ Prints (prices subject to change)

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Why "Thoughtful Sketches?"

Thought • Ful:
Showing careful consideration or attention.

plural noun: Sketches
A rough or unfinished drawing or painting, often made to assist in making a more finished picture.

'Thoughtful Sketches' reflects who I am in various ways. The most obvious way is the "T" and the "S." Hidden behind the name are my initials! "Thoughtful" really means the time I spend and the thinking that goes behind each piece. I've always loved to sketch, and being that painting doesn't come as naturally to me, using the word "sketches" was a no brainer! Bring the two words together and you get 'Thoughtful Sketches!'

"Sketch" can mean an "incomplete" or "drafted" drawing. Oftentimes, I find myself looking back at a piece I had created months ago and looking at what can be improved. My art form is always growing, and so using the word "sketches" reflects the continuous growth of my artwork as my artistic ability progresses and defines itself.

I purposefully looked for a word beginning with "T" to accompany "sketches" so I could incorporate my initials into the name. A second definition of the word "thoughtful" is: "showing consideration for the needs of other people." With that, "thoughtful" really characterizes who I am and what I stand for. Growing up in a Godly household, I've been taught to put others before me. As a Christian, I think we should all be cognizant and caring of those around us. While the word hits home with my mentality, I put alot of thought into my artwork and want my name to reflect that. I've also tried to bring some light/exposure to people who are like minded in this sense, and I try to subtly reflect my values in my work. This being said, much of my artwork reflects influential people I listen to or watch and my interests/what I've grown up with.

Ultimately, I think the name suites me, who I am, and what I create art for.