About Us

From a Mom to another.

I first became a mom at the age of 23.
And truthfully i was not ready. And even then, i did not read up much about motherhood because i thought it will all come naturally.

But come my second baby, i was determined to relearn & put in effort. Despite this, whatever you read in the books or the internet, it will not be a 100% accurate. Even though i’m already a mom of 2, some things are still new to me.

Thoyyib came about when i was pretty much at my lowest. I was feeling unproductive and always wanted to find my love in something. Then it hit me— i had all the time in the world to produce healthy, clean baby food for all the busy moms out there.

I promise to constantly produce healthy, delicious food for your babies as if i’m feeding my very own. I hope that most, if not all moms will find Thoyyib their go-to brand for their baby’s meals. Here’s from a mom, to another.


frequently asked questions

1) Are the ingredients halal?
— While we do not own any Halal Certification from MUIS, we are muslims so yes, all the ingredients used are Halal.

2) Do you offer self collect?
— Yes, at the moment we do, however it will be contactless based.

3) Do you offer delivery?
— Yes! We do offer delivery.

4) Do you use any salt / preservatives?
— No, strictly no salt, coloring, additives, preservatives. All our menu is made by natural ingredients only.

5) Can i mix & match the purees?
— Yes, you may mix & match the purees according to the flavours available.

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