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all the in’s and out’s

over here, we do AUCTIONS! — think of ebay. it’s like that, but through comment sections right here on instagram! ✌🏼
i do “drops” (or collections) weekly where i will post 9-30 items that i have spent all week curating and sourcing for YOU! hello, THRIFTED FIT TUESDAYS 👯‍♀️
the starting bid will be listed in the caption — AKA, the lowest dollar amount i’ll accept for that item! all bids increase in $1 increments and bidding lasts for 2️⃣4️⃣ hours!
if you are outbid, i try my best to tag you in a comment and let you know but i don’t always have the free time to do so, so make sure you’re monitoring your bids on pieces you can’t live without 👀
shipping cost is on you, but i offer the lowest shipping rates i could possibly give you 📦

BIN, aka Buy It Now, includes shipping in the price! no additional charges. this skips the bidding process and guarantees you the item!


• bids last 24 hours typically — bid end time is always in the caption. there’s always a countdown in my story for a 15 minute reminder before bids end so you can get a final bid in!
• do not bid if you can’t pay! backing out, deleting a bid, ignoring me, etc. will result in a block. you must pay within 2 hours of winning the bid!
—— i am human. if something comes up and you can’t pay, just talk to me! please don’t just leave me on read or delivered. even if it’ll be a delayed payment because of work, school, etc. just send me a message! ✨ ——

• i offer a “down payment” system to be more accessible to anyone. 1/2 payment is due at the time of winning the bid, and the other 1/2 is due within 10 days. your package will be shipped when your full amount is paid! please message me beforehand if this is something you anticipate to utilize ✨

• i try and ship between 1-3 days after you purchase. of course sometimes there will be delays, and i always try my best to keep you updated! tracking number is usually sent to your email, so make sure to provide me with an email to keep on file!
• USPS has issued a national increase in shipping prices. once for the holiday, and once after the beginning of the year. this is something that is out of my control. shipping prices range from $5-$12. hopefully in the future of this year, USPS will lower its rates again so we can see some more affordable shipping prices again!
• please keep in mind — packages that weigh 1 lb + have a significant price difference. sometimes a $1-$4 difference. this is out of my control and not grounds for backing out of a bid! you can always ask for a shipping estimate BEFORE placing a bid.

• at this time, everything purchased is final sale and NO returns or exchanges are accepted! please read the descriptions of everything thoroughly before purchasing.
• if there is a mix up or mistake on my end, please reach out to me via email and i would be more than happy to work with you.
• should i miss a flaw, please reach out within 48 hours of receiving your package so we can figure something out! anything outside of the 48 hour window is considered invalid. in this event, shop credit may be offered.
• one thing will remain consistent— shipping costs will never be refunded in any event. i offer exact shipping costs, and with that, the cost is absorbed fully. i do not make a dime of profit off of shipping costs, therefore, it will never be refunded in any form.

• i have never had an L/D/S package before, but should it happen, please know that that would be out of my control and not my fault. once i ship it and provide a tracking number, it is out of my hands in in the control of USPS. if this instance occurs, please reach out so i can try my best and resolve the issue.

• dm's get lost in the mix often. if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please shoot me an email and i will get back to you asap!

with love, khyla + thrifted fit co.

about my mission

welcome to thrifted fit co!

welcome to my corner of the internet! i’m so happy to have you here. 💕
my page is a secondhand store with thrifted goods + secondhand items through consignment! everyone loves the thrill of the thrift store — but sometimes it can take HOURS to find something worth bringing home. that’s where i come in! 👋🏼 i take that time to curate the best collections so you can shop effortlessly from your phone 📲
my goal is to bring you styles from the past + present for an affordable price, all while saving our earth 🌍
all items i bring you are in good condition + trendy. it’s shopping sustainably from the comfort of your couch. imagine me as your personal thrifter — i’m your one stop shop 🕺🏽