Hey ya’ll!!!

Hey there friend, I am Steffanie; wife to my husband Thomas for 13 years, mother to Briley, Jude, Chloe and Cullen.

I am a Native Texan but love to Travel all over. We are an outdoors family and love to go anywhere that our feet or our side by sides can take us. I have been partnered with Le-Vel for over 6 years!!! I never knew that i could combine my love for helping people with what I do for a living. I love being able to change peoples lives for the better physically and/or financially. People ask me everyday “What is it you do??”

>>> I get to play a small part in someone’s journey to finding their true self; their healthiest, most centered version of themselves. Giving children their parents back and spouses their partner back. That is what I get to do. I empower people!! That…now that is a true super power.

I am always praying that God will bring other hardworking, committed, focused, fun loving people into our organization that we can lock arms with to change legacies!

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The Thrive Experience

3 EASY steps!!!

Step one - Capsules

These are my morning jumper cables! Done first thing in the morning before my feet hit the floor. Within 20 minutes I am moving more fluid, the brain fog is lifted and I am already starting on my to-do list. I go from hating mornings to singing loudly for all to hear.

Step 2- lifestyle mix

Gut Health! Lifestyle mix comes in many different flavors like: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, candycane, apple pie and the new salted caramel. They are micro-ionized so you know it is going to mix up so smoothly! No clumpy mess. Yummy!

Step 3 - DFT

DFT is short for derma fusion technology. We are the first wellness company to produce wearable nutrition! These amazing little stickers are packed full of vitamins and help with joint support, muscle support, appetite control, focus and mental clarity. We have different styles for different goals! You don’t have to stay in a box. There are options for you.