Hi families! We are the G’s and we love to explore family friendly places in So Cal. We stopped the fear of getting out with 3 kids and just went at it! Here we are now, sharing places we find most fun and worthwhile, especially for families with toddlers and infants.

Mask up, sun’s out, here we go! ➡️

Our Goal

Getting out while a pandemic is still going on may sound scary. Trust us, we hear you. You want to stay healthy for your family but you also recognize the emotional effects social distancing has caused to your spouse and children for almost a year now. It can be tricky and scary to venture to familiar and unfamiliar places as So Cal gradually opens. With that said, lets work on this together! The G’s are in pursuit of seeking and sharing fun, safe and family friendly places, ALONG with sharing new implied covid restrictions at every place we visit. Stay ahead, prepare and follow us to see what to expect.

Boysenberry Festival at Knotts Berry Farm

Festival on select dates March 5- May 2

Hi families! Here are my top reasons as to how this event is family friendly for families with infants, toddlers and/or older children. Also sharing some helpful insights I discovered.

Reason #1

My kids are picky esters and the sound of everything Boysenberry might leave you thinking there are no other options. But that’s not the case! There are a few plain foods for kids available.

🟣 Cheese Pizza Slice
🟣Mac n Cheese Bites over Tater Tots with a Boysenberry Siracha Ketchup( to the side)
🟣Regular Flavor Popcorn
🟣Kids Mocktail-Sparkling Cider and Ice Cream Float
🟣Regular ICEE


Did you know your popcorn can be refilled?
My toddler likes to throw everything. He took his snoopy popcorn cup($13, $5 if you use it with your tasting card) and flung it across the floor. To our luck, an employee of the park saw it and offered a free refill!!

Reason #3

Yes, rides are closed but Camp Snoopy is full of giant spring props and decorations. Also, characters are still available for socially distant pictures. The set up is so elaborate, you’re going to love it

Reason #4

All restrooms are open! I have encountered some parks with only one restroom available for the whole park due to limited entries. Most RR in this park have a changing table in both the male and female rooms.

Reason #5

Plenty of tables and chairs, as well as benches available all throughout the park!!! My favorite little spot was by the water at Boardwalk.

Reason #6

Clean up crew working every where! Cleaning those tables, rails, chairs,.... i mean, they were on it!