tianna friend

“like a best friend, yes.”

truly the best last name to marry into. it’s so cool that when people ask what my last name is, they really say “friend? just like...a friend?” and my response is usually “like a best friend, yes” and then you get something along the lines of ...”that is the coolest last name!” or “wow i love that!” and you know what? I DO TOO!

so me. well, i am a wife of (almost) five years and counting, a mama to three (and counting? insert cody saying “good joke” - babe, you know i had to).

being a mom to little people, you sometimes or actually all-the-time forget what it is that you love. so to just make it easy, here it goes.

what do i love? i love my husband, my kids, my family. i love the beach, the sun, summer, classic rock, and if those four things are happening at the same time, then damn it’s a good day. i love being creative and doing creative things. i love taking photos and i hope that one day i can take my love for that to a professional level. i love color, i love black and white. i love food - fast food, fancy food, almost any kind of food, really. i love to dream, whether it’s daydreaming or dreaming in my sleep . which reminds me - i love being a pisces and i love reading into horoscopes. i love to do things, but i also love to relax and do nothing. i love traveling, i can’t wait until i can do that more. i love when i know all the words to a song, which is quite often, but i especially love when i know every word to a rap song because it makes me feel like a badass. i love journaling and writing, though i only do it through instagram. kinda lame, but it is 2019 so is it really that lame? maybe i should start a blog that no one will read, but i can have fun designing it and writing it. whattayathink? yes? no? ok cool.

if you even made it this far, you’re kinda rad. and if you didn’t make it this far...well i hope it was because you were doing something more productive than i was while writing this! but i guess we’ll never know since you’re not reading this ;)