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I’m 25 years old, was born and grew up in Vietnam. I came to US since 2015 for school and started my life in America. I had been living in different country that why family and friend are huge part of my life.

My life has been changed so much in last 5 years, I went to school for marketing, and have part time job at nails salon. I realized that living far away from my family is so difficult for me, I had to do everything by myself, language barrier, culture shocked,...but my personal growth so much more than before, I learned how to control my feeling, know how to manage my life, conquering difficult things and discovering new places. My passion is traveling and beauty, I love marking new friends, hanging out, sharing and helping everyone. I think that make my life like a 🌈

My life possibly changes after I got an opportunity to work for my own business in the beauty industry. Basically, my job is helping and giving recommendation about hair/skin care products, but I think this job is so much more than consultation or selling, but what I got back personal growth from this business, have a chance to get to know people, learned new stuffs, new knowledge in life and career, I more open up myself, be confident, and specially I can share my and help everyone has self-confidence in themself. Beside what o learned about my job is my personal income is more stable, my life has been easier than before.
In additional, I feel so grateful when I decided to start my business that I have a such a great team to work with and a lot of people who are willing to help me. We work together, we help and built each other. My goal is to share and help pave the way for others by connecting their passion to a ground level opportunity so they too can experience what they want most out of life.

I would love to share my opportunity to everyone by sharing the links in my next pages if anyone is interested in beauty industry, winning award, new knowledge or vegan and non toxic hair/skin products. We have skincare, haircare product for all ages, and specially for who is having struggles with hair and skin or looking for a natural product to put invest into yourself. We have it all.

Making my life is better, more meaningful is my main goal and dream. I work hard to make my dreams come true, to be my own boss, and independent lady. I’m here to help everyone who wanna make their life more colorful, different then other life by recommending the best hair/skincare products on the market and showing what this opportunity can do for you, your family’s life, and those around you. Don’t wait, let give yourself a chance to be success. Let’s come and join. 🖤
I can do it, You can do it 👑

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