Hi, I’m Tierney!

I’m a 28 year old single mama and live in small town Iowa.

A little over a year ago I was a struggling, broken, new mom, looking to get back into the corporate world after having my son. I had just moved back to my hometown and back into my old bedroom at my parents house after making the tough decision to leave the life I had built for myself in Arizona to be able to provide for me and my son.

During my pregnancy I was working 3 jobs just to make ends meet and try to save up for maternity leave. I was over working myself and eventually put on bedrest, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and was told I’d need to have a cesarean section to deliver my son. With no help or solid support system, moving back to Iowa was the logical option. I put myself even farther into debt to get out of my lease and had to start from square one, again.

Even though I had done all the “right things,” gone to college, participated in an internship, gotten years of experience on my resume; I still couldn’t find a job that would pay me enough to get out of my parents house, cover daycare and pay my bills. I felt defeated, purpose-less, depressed, and more alone than ever... but I still had a little baby depending on me.

I came across this girl on Instagram making money from her phone by promoting and using amazing health and beauty products, I had been watching her for over a year, but hadn't ever considered doing something like this myself, in fact, I was one of the biggest skeptics!

With nothing to lose, and everything to gain, I thought to myself “if she can do this and is able to stay home with her kids while making money, I for sure can do this too!” So i jumped in headfirst and started making money right away. I lost over 40 lbs on the products, got my health under control and, overall, my confidence back.

After 4 months I bought myself a house and had already achieved my initial goal of getting out of my parents house and staying home with my son. Now, almost 2 years in; I make a more than my full time job’s income, earned more than i paid for my college tuition in bonuses and continue to help other women get out of their situations and do this too.

Because of this business I never have to miss a moment of watching my son grow if i choose to, I’ve made lifelong friends, I’m able to travel, and I’m able to dream bigger than I ever thought imaginable.

I’m so thankful I didn’t let my situation define me and can now show other people there is another option and help them along the way!

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