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The Red Fox, local boutique

“A cool girl summer”
Summer photo shoot for The Red Fox’s attire and jewelry.

About me

Lil blip and jazz

My name is Tiffany Gifford, but I go by TiffGiff(somehow fits my personality better). Im living my Taylor Swift year of 22 and I currently live in Logan, UT as a student and barista. Photography is my biggest passion (if you cant tell :) but Ive loved photography since I was young. Maybe it was a generational thing but really! Anytime I could beg my parents to buy me a disposable camera-I would. Anytime my dad dragged me to Best Buy-there I would be staring at the cameras. Every Christmas as a kid, I always wished for a point and shoot. The year I did receive one-Id spend everyday walking down to the park to snap pics of geese and random leaves. My photography education is an on-going process while taking classes and gaining more professional experience.
Ive chosen to live in this dream and make it a central part of my life. I want to capture your memories, I want us to have fun, I want us to get creative or stay classic.
Love, TiffGiff