September opportunity  —


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About me

hi there!

My name is Tiffanie Muñoz, 22 and based in DFW, texas 🌵

I’m a photographer + I work for the fastest growing hair care company in the world!

If I’m not taking photos or working off WiFi than I’m probably at target working there. Yes I work at the best place ever.. it’s very dangerous!

I love to help beautiful, amazing people see the beauty within themselves inside & out! + also building an amazing team of hard working babes to help them live a life they’ve always dreamed of.

Do you share the same vision? Let’s talk. (Swipe right for more info)

So why do I sell shampoo?

honestly this shampoo has changed my life in so many ways! Before I switch over to natural based products I was constantly buying drug store shampoo & conditioner like crazy trying to find those “perfect” products for my hair and curls. Keep in mind my hair previously was super thin and drying & if we are being honest I was loosing way more hair then gaining. At 22 I was freaking the heck out because I was Balding! I sell these shampoos to make people feel confident in there own skin. & honestly it’s not about the selling for me, it’s about making someone feel happy as to who they are! That’s why I joined the biz!


BRAND NEW to our company and something not worth missing out on!

Monat just launched its brand new skincare line on September 14th! Our new skincare line with be our anti aging plant based & 100% vegan products