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“Take the path that scares you, That’s where growth is”

Hello there beautiful people!

Im Tiffany! I am your typical 23 y/o pre - PA student putting myself thru school while also trying to survive in this world✨

I have always been very independent and self efficient, so i never settle for less. I was raised with the mentality that in life you go to school, get a good job & thats basically it. Very quickly after joining the workforce i realized that I do NOT want to spend my time at a job I hate simply because it pays the bills or puts food on the table. I was also raised to make sure that at the end of the day you do what makes you happy - in all aspects of life. I love traveling, spending time with my pups 💫, empowering others and being a light to help those in need! - Hence why i decided to study medicine

I started this journey because I wanted a change. I wanted to become the strong, independent, successful women that I always dreamed of being.

Be the type of women who has the freedom to truly enjoy life and the pleasures that it has to offer ✨ & also because I have to put myself thru school and no one else can do that but me.

I didn’t want to just let my life pass by and wish I would have did all the things im too scared to do now, I wanted control and build the freedom to truly live my life. If your here looking for something new, ready to create the life you always dreamed or is you resonated with any of this then lets chat ✨👉🏽