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I am a mother and a wife who is trying to live her best life.
I work fulltime and I am also working on getting certificate.
I have also started a new business in hope of building a better life for my family and to help others reach their goals.

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About Me

Hey!!! I'm Tiffany❤
I'm a mother of a beautiful boy and a wife. I work full time, i'm going to school, and I help my little one grow and learn everyday. To say my life is crazy is an understatement!

I was introduced to network marketing over 5 years ago and I tried multiple opportunities but I was never successful. I decided to give my original company another shot not too long ago because the idea of creating my very own business and being able to support my family was my goal. Once again I did not do well. There were many reasons for this, one being my heart was not in it. I have failed so many times in the past and I didn't have the belief that was required.
A girlfriend that I used to work with reached out and started discussing what she was doing. I've seen her on my feeds over the years and she was doing GREAT! After a very, very long conversation I decided to give it a go. Dont get me wrong, she had to work through all types of hesitations I had. I decided to go with my gut and have faith.
That was just 6 short months ago and I am grateful every day that I took that leap of faith! By doing the small trainings, being myself, and listening to the advice given, my business has grown more than all of my other adventures put together. I have become so much stronger and healthier during this time and I continue to grow more every day.
At this point in time I love the fact that I choose when and how I work my business, but I look forward to the day when I can say goodbye to the corporate world!