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We are on a mission to help others a better way to a better you !

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For me ,I started this journey much like the founder of this amazing biotech company.
Born out of tragedy.

I was in such a bad way back 2014 my health and mental health were in serious trouble! You will read more about that in minute.

I was searching for alternative products to help me.

We found our solution and our home.

I feel I can speak for all of us!! When I say!

With a grateful and filled heart ❤️ I am on a mission to help others take back there life.

I stand with this amazing tribe who believes in the power of alternative ways.

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About me

I’m on a mission of better choices for health and wealth

I am a wife and a Mom to 3 girls, I adore my fur babies as well. Specially my Dog 🐶 Buddy Weinermair mix

I am a huge advocate for holistic wellness.
I fell in love with cbd.

I am on a journey to teach others they have a better choice in both health and wealth

And add also to their financial blessings. Just by use it , feel it and share it. That is what we do!

I set out to help my over health after some issues I had with anxious mind, that manifested all over my body. Suffering from a tragic life event that caught up to me once I became a mom was the first part. And a little depressed moving to the area was a huge reminder of that event. I was also feeling isolated.

I was also suffering from lack of sleep 💤 having kids with sleep issues , and stuck on go Mom mode. Feel exhausted all the time!

Deal with daily inflammation and head throbbing. My body ached all Over!

My digestive system was a train 🚂 wreck . Craving sugar and caffeine to keep me going.

It felt like there was no hope!

Leading me down the path of western medicine and that was a nightmare! I had to take matters into my own hands. And that is what started my journey 🌱ridden with sleep deprivation and anxiety issues .

Finding relief finally , I knew ❤️I found something I aligned with , and that was so important to me.

It was a no brainer to want to jump into this amazing industry and help others share there story, While adding to there life. Specially for my family , my daughter is special needs as well.

Its is different here !!

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It doesn’t matter if we are all on the same team or different teams here. We all
Support the same mission!

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