Hey!!! I'm Tiffany Osborne —

Pure heart and motivation

Hi!!! I'm Tiffany 36 years old mama of five. Two beautiful teenage girls and 3 fur babies and I am married to my best friend in life. We have been through great things in life togather but we have also had some tornadoes hit our way. Togather we have always overcome it all though. I truly believe standing togather as friends and family is what will get you through the toughest of times. It also makes those greatest moments even greater all the support beside you. That's what I want to be your support through this adventure because calling it a job is like having no fun. I plan to have lots of fun while earning that money.
I'm a normal 36 year old woman I've got probably more health issues than a normal person my age but guess what it's not gonna stop me. Other than that I've got a normal home, vehicles, husband , kids, family and of course my fur babies. Nothing extraordinary about me im not filthy rich although I can dream right. However, I plan to step out and be extraordinary and make this the best adventure ever.
I want you to know im sharing the photo above because it's when I was healthier feeling better than ever. In 2017 we lost my daddy and well for my family we lost our best friend and probably the greatest person known to this world. So I lost my mental health and let life keep going while I held onto him walking in our door. I did one thing for him I finally quit smoking in 2018 he had always wanted that. I still fight that urge though. In the photo I'm sharing to what I look like now you can tell it took alot from me and I let life go but im back and that's the thing shit happens now we have to come back 💯.

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