Hello I’m Tiffany

Let me tell you a little about me...

I am a mother of two wonderful children. They keep me on my toes! I have a dog who I guess you could say is my third child lol her name is butters she is a chi weenie jack Russell, yes I know it’s a mouthful lol. My husband is my best friend aside from my awesome momma lol.

Back in February I hit an all time low and I was missing my kids I was working crazy hours coming home so mad and angry at the whole world and I had no time for my family. So I decided to try to start my research on how I could work from home! My husband was then working out of state and it was hard being home with the kids and working.
I kept seeing these people working from social media and doing everything from their phone. I was very skeptical about it and thought it couldn’t be that easy! I finally caved a few months later and honestly god knew what he was doing and knew I needed a little push in the right direction! Joining has been hands down the best thing I ever could have done!

Go ahead and swipe and fill out the application to work with me and I can show you everything i do! See if it’s right for you too!