Sacred space must-haves

When you begin meditating, you don’t need anything special. You don’t. But I chose to make it special and that’s one of the reasons I believe it has worked out so well for me so quickly, in the way that it has…

I decided that I would describe to you what my first sacred space looked like and why I believe each item was completely necessary for the beginning of my meditation journey…

Yoga Mat & Squishy Pillow

I used a yoga mat with a big squishy pillow. Tbh, it wasn’t too comfy but it helped create the base of my sacred space.

My yoga mat was an impulse buy from Target a few months before this… you can use anything you already have, that might be a cozy blanket or just sitting on your carpeted floor

Candles are the actual vibe

I’ve never been a candle collector but I did have a lavender candle that I bought from a flea market, so I used that.

Candles are still my absolute go-to, no matter what. I’ve started making candles a part of my daily routine, even when doing other things. I’ve found that it helps create a frequency that I enjoy being in.

Reflect & Journal

I picked this up from a spiritual mentor: after meditation, pull oracle cards. This is one of my favorite ways to reflect after meditation… I love Oracle cards because honestly they are like my neighbor baked me the yummiest cake + gave me the friendliest advice you know what I mean?

OK, the final thing I do in my meditation process, is journal it out. It helps me to release the meditation, explore the cards I pulled, all of it! Sometimes, I just write and other times, I use journal prompts to dig deeper.