Behind The Account

Human and Hound

My name is Louise and I am Tilly’s human aswell as the person behind the account.

I set up Tilly’s Instagram on the day we got her as a place to share memories and cute puppy photos. I never expected us to come this far in the Instagram dog community!

I have made many great friends and found some amazing dog accounts who are so friendly and nice to chat to. There are so many amazing small businesses I wouldn’t have come across if it wasn’t for Tilly’s account!

Tilly is a sprocker spaniel who was born on 10th June 2019. Amazingly she was from a litter of 13 stunning pups. She’s a real character, she may seem quiet but in reality she is a sass queen who makes people laugh and smile! Not to mention her super goofy side 😜

All photos on my account are taken with a Nikon d3500 and a 70-300mm or a 70-200mm however it will always say in the caption!

O and O personalised

Dog Tags And Keyrings

Super unique resin tags! My go to tag company, we own many tags from Lev as you obviously need atleast 2 to match each of your collars 😆

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Ambers Accessories

Bandanas and Bows

Stunning bandanas and bows also at low prices!! We love our bits from them!! Be sure to check them out.

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Freddie’s Fashion

Biothane Collars and Leads

Are you looking for cheap real biothane collars, Lou is the one to go to! Biothane is also waterproof so perfect for those dogs who love water and as they are super easy to wipe down, your dogs can get as muddy as they want without ruining there accessories!

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Buddy’s Bows N bandanas

Bows and Bandanas

What can I say!! I’ve been with Laura for just over a year now and it’s been the best year ever. She sell super affordable bandanas and bows! If your ever in need of a custom bandana I’m sure she’d be more than happy to help you!

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Lead Porium

Rope Collars And Leads

Wow wow wow, what can I say. Sonia creates the most beautiful rope products that are super soft and look stylish!

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Spoilt Pooch Co

Unique Knitted Bows

Our very own small business!! We sell knitted and fabric bows aswell as human products, our knitted bows are super unique and one of a kind ⭐️ don’t forget to use one of our models codes to save 😆

Thanks for taking a look at our blog!

Is there anything else you’d like to know? Just drop me a DM or email and I can help.