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I’m a crazy dog mom, 21, and a former caregiver for adults with disabilities — turned to a promoter of a million dollar team. Sounds crazy, right? How in the heck was a 21 year old, workaholic like me able to quit her full time job and quadruple her income by staying home?! Oh AND finally become confident with her body and lose the weight she has always struggled with? Well, that’s why writing this. To help all of you do the same.

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Three steps info

I am SO glad you’re curious about my three step system. This stuff have CHANGED MY LIFE. Here’s the run down.

Step One: Vitamins

Right when you wake up in the morning, on an empty stomach, take your vitamins! These will give you a burst of natural, long lasting, energy all day long. The energy is derived from the B vitamins and green tea caffeine and the capsules! These will give you all the vitamins your body needs for the day, along with help clear up your skin and help your hair grow.

Step Two: Lifestyle shake

20 minutes after taking your capsules, you will make + drink your lifestyle shake. This is a meal replacement and will take the place of breakfast or can be eaten with breakfast as a supplement. These are not your average shake. They are ultra micronized, so they are not chalky like most shakes on the market. They are packed with vitamins + protein, are a probiotic and only have 2g’s of sugar! They come in four different flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Candy Cane and Apple Pie.

Step Three: DFT

After you make your shake, you will put on your DFT. DFT stands for derma fusion technology. It is essentially a sticker that you wear anywhere on your body (thigh, back, chest, arm, etc) for 24 hrs that suppresses your appetite, controls your cravings, provides mental clarity and weight management. It is simply amazing.

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So, you’re interested in promoting, huh? I’ll tell you right now that becoming a promoter for Le-Vel has been the absolute best decision of my life. Here’s a quick run down on what it entails:

Let’s be real network marketing is big especially with COVID-19 being very real!

I want to throw out how we’re different from the rest:
-you will never have a quota, required auto-ship, or be cold messaging - unless that’s what you’re doing by choice!
-You don’t have any fees
- No inventory
- You literally order your product, watch some bomb training vids, and then share your love for the biz and products.
I am also always going to be right behind you supporting and helping you out ♥︎

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