Yoga Ayurveda Healing for women in life's challenging transition

Ayurveda Yoga Healing

I embody the free spirit of an adventure athletic surfer yoga ayurveda educator woman soul. I am curious, aware, sensitive and like challenges but always searching for more depth. I life in an inner as outer abundance on all level: health, money, relationships.. I love my financial freedom and stability. I experience the impossible is possible, I believe in my vision.
I am environmentally and socially aware; I love and appreciate nature; and would never turn down a good vegan pizza.
I know how online marketing works to spread health, love and peace.
I am an open heart and a kind nature, willing to learn and grow, to invest into my selfdevelopment, surf and yoga lifestyle. I love to experience vulnerability to become stronger and wiser. I am more than capable and ready to fully explore my inner and outer health and well-being to create and feel the worthyness for myself and others. To get fit to rip the next big swell and calm my wild sporty fire with an selfawakeing restorative yoga session afterwards down.

You are ready to take on this new challenge:

To channel your dreams into a reality and to unleash your inner warrior, to become brave and believe into your authentic uniqueness and healing power. You are ready to stop hiding yourself?

Are you ready to surf the wave of your life, to create your financial freedom? To live a life around the tides and swell and to surf whenever wherever you want? 

I choose respect over fear and love authentic stillness to create epic impact for global health and sustainabilty.

The universe, God, the moon, my inner child, some of my inspiring yoga surf friends and me are my team. Do you want to join us?

Fun, laughter, surf & yoga are our business strategies.

You are unique!

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Aho. Namaste.
Tina Tara