Thrive & Shine in Sisterhood Showing Empowered Conscious Mamas

How to Create their Life by Design & Create Feeedom the Online Way

✨I am a totally heart & soul centred woman, wear my heart on her sleeve,
a truth seeker & speaker.
💛 I’m passionate about showing empowered conscious mamas how to create their life by design. I love doing this together as a soul tribe so we can all thrive & shine in Sisterhood
✨I get paid to be me through building my own personal brand online & partnering with a high ticket offer to support health & wellbeing.
💛 I have a gift of holding people’s hearts sacred, truly honouring them without judgement & seeing their highest potential, often even before they do.
✨ I love journeying with empowered women to reach for the stars and truly go for their dreams!
💛I’m a total tree lover & hugger
✨an Oak Fairy who belongs in the forest, it’s where I truly come to life.
💛I tend my fire inside & out to shine my brightest light, a light worker & warrior of love
✨I’m also a single mama of two gorgeous children, on a mission to show them that we can free ourselves from circumstance and create whatever we desire.
💛 I follow my heart & my soul’s calling
✨I love life, finding joy and living as my highest self.
💛I’m co-creating my vision of buying our own land, building a strawbale house for us & a treehouse sanctuary for me, for us to live in freedom & deep nature connection.
✨I love essential oils for emotional health & transformation to thrive & shine.
💛 I’m a passionate personal development deep diver