Tina Marie Davis

Think of the biggest, scariest dream you have for yourself. Got it? Good! Now I want you to dream bigger!

Hi I’m Tina! I’m a 35 year old business owner, wife and stay at home momma of 3. My kids are pretty close in age Noah is 6; Gianna is 2; and Caleb is a year old. As you can see my hands are full but I’m loving every minute of it.

I love providing for them and being able to be present in their lives. That isn’t all I do though, I have a passion for fitness, beauty, travel, and helping others.

In the last year, my life has completely changed all thanks to something that I was skeptical to say yes to. I went from dwelling in my past of being let go from my dream job in the fitness industry to the owner of an online beauty and wellness business. My passion to be flexible to do the things I want and be there for my kids is truly a blessing. I have so much more freedom being a business owner; I am so grateful for it every day!

My mission is to help others find that same freedom. No matter what your background, I’m here to tell you that it’s possible for you too! I never saw myself being where I am today, but when you believe in yourself crazy things happen!

All I wanted was an extra $600 a month to help my husband with the bills. What I got is a full time income, the best beauty regimen out there, a community of women who are now my closest friends & the freedom I always wanted!

I’d love to help you too! XO