It's time!

I'm here to support other mommas to live in their vision and follow their dreams!

It's time to live a life by design!
A life you and your family deserve!
A life that makes you jump out of bed in excitement every morning!

I was shown the way how I can create my dream life a year ago.
I was skeptical...
But I jumped in because something in me was telling me "This is your chance!"

Now I want to share this knowledge with you!
What if 15 minutes could change your life?
Would you invest the time?

My name is Tina and I'm a mom of 3 boys living in California!
6 years ago me and my husband left Germany to build our American dream here in the US. With nothing but our 1 year old boy, our 2 cats and minimal savings. Some people called us crazy 🤪.
But our visions and dreams are coming true!
And to keep building our dream life I started my online business 1 year ago. And it has been life changing!

After testing and seeing that it works, I want to share this freedom formula with YOU!

If you feel READY to live in your vision, reach out to me and I will guide you on this exciting journey!

The Freedom Formula