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How’s it glowing?

Alright let’s get to the niddy griddy, did this stuff work? A while ago Murad was generous enough to let a bunch of people sign up to try their NEW Replenishing Muti-Acid Peel. For some reason the skincare Gods were on my side and I happened to be on Instagram the exact moment they had posted about it so naturally I quickly signed up for it then texted a close friend of mine (who loves skincare just as much as I do) so that she could also get the freebie. If you’re a skincare junkie this is heaven sent. Not a lot of companies just give out freebies that easily. Anyway, weeks passed and the Murad Replenishing Multi-Acid Peel arrived! It was a sample size meant for 7 days but little baby lasted me TWO WEEKS. I used my regular cotton pad application. The bottle has a small insert that the liquid comes out of so that might’ve helped with not wasting product, already a plus, because the Muti-Acid Peel is kinda on the pricey side ($65) for a 3.3 fl oz bottle.

Now what is this peel meant to do? It’s meant to be a solution for dullness, rough texture, and uneven skin tone. Before I started the peel my face was congested and textured because of the hot weather in California. 14 days later, I have noticed my skin is a lot more untextured with a smoother surface. Even skin tone? Definitely! That’s two done. Dullness? Barely. After two weeks there’s more vibrancy in my face which you can see in my Instagram selfies showing a more glowy face that some of you have kindly pointed out. Overall, this product works! It did what it claimed and I only tried it for two weeks with a sample size. Imagine me getting my hands on the full size? I’d be constantly glowing. Pft and who wants that amirite? Hehe 😉 I do want to note while I did very much enjoy my sample my friend woke up with a pimple after her use. I had a pimple here and there but that’s normal for me. They quickly went away which ISN’T normal for me so this might’ve pulled out whatever junk I had in my face. I continued using it because the pimple didn’t stay for long (which mine usually stay for days)
and they weren’t dramatic breakouts. Everyone has different skin, so what may have worked for me won’t work for another, always keep that in mind. However, always be sure to test the product on a small area perhaps when you don’t have an event the next day just to be sure the ingriediants are friendly with your skin. This time I don’t have any affiliated discount for you but as always I have linked the website to the pictures above if you’re interested in trying the Replenishing Multi-Acid Peel yourself. Thanks for reading cuties!

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Got Milky Oil?

Before you begin reading this take a deep breathe and reach for a sip of water. Now that we’re hydrated let’s talk about the Milky Oil by Glossier. Glossier released this oil cleanser back in February but I wasn’t clicking my heels over it, at first. I thought that the ingredients weren’t as impressive as other big name brands on the market, nonetheless I bought it because I love trialing new products. When I finished my first bottle I wasn’t sure if I would repurchase a second but after going without it for a week I realized how I much I relied on it. Milky Oil is a magic potion made up of micellar water and oils which offer a deep clean. I find it especially useful for dissolving your waterproof mascara and heavy makeup without stripping your face of its natural oils. This miracle bottle requires little to no work because a small amount goes a long way. Shake up the bottle and squeeze a small amount on a cotton pad to dissolve makeup then proceed to second cleanse with Glossier’s Jelly Cleanser.

I’m here for anything that doesn’t make my face feel stripped after cleansing. My only complaint is that I wish Glossier would’ve made a larger bottle. It’s a small 3.4 fl oz that will last me a good two months if I don’t get squeeze happy on my cotton pads. But I don’t want to always worry about being super careful especially if I’m in a hurry to get in bed after a long day. I just finished my second one since February when it first launched and am purchasing my third bottle when I have the means for it because it’s a big help in my everyday makeup removal. If you’d like to get a discount on a bottle for yourself then tap the picture above to direct you to their site. The discount code will automatically be added at checkout after clicking the picture above. (If you’ve used a code before you can still support me by typing in my code at checkout.) But, if I didn’t convince you Milky Oil is the tits, well at least I kept you hydrated. ;)

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Bright eyes

The blue eye look has been trending all 2019. And I’ve been ecstatic to hop on the bandwagon because it’s such a fun versatile look. Here I’m wearing “Early Girl” Colorslide by Glossier Play. HOT TIP: To warm up the pencil I suggest swatching it on your hand for a few seconds. It’ll make for a smoother application. Now, I’ve always been one to stick to what I know when it comes to makeup, natural looks. But slowly I’m breaking out of that since purchasing this eye pencil earlier this year.

If ever I’m feeling risky or playful this is the color I grab. As a brown eyed girl I didn’t think I could pull it off but my goodness the confidence boost this little guy has given me is kinda funny. So far as to say I make kissy faces to myself while I’m applying it to my eyes. Not everyone has hopped on to the blue trend cause the lavender look is also in (another of my absolute favorite colors). Whether you’re a baby blue butterfly or a lavender girl Glossier Play has 14 different shades to choose from. If you wanna check ‘em out yourself just tap on my selfie to direct you to the Glossier website. Happy coloring babes 🦋✨🌈

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What’s non-toxic?

I know I know, I promised a video on this. I’m still working on the editing it’s coming! Meanwhile, let me tell you about Follain. Just a tad. Don’t wanna spoil the video for ya so a brief little something will do, right? As some of you may know and if you’re new here, your girl is an ambassador for Follain. Steph, what’s Follain already?! Follain (foh-lane) is a retailer that sells nothing but clean beauty. All non-toxic. Duh, the title states that, girl. Ok ok. They are, think of it as a Sephora, the brand sells their own brand and other non-toxic brands. And they sent me what they’ve curated (in a cute bag if you ask me) the Clean Essentials Kit. I’ve been using these products shown in the picture for some time now and WOW I did not expect to love them so much, but guys clean beauty is THAT bitch. My face glows like never before and it’s all thanks to Follain being the sweet gal that she is and letting me test out some products on my little ol face. If you take the Skin Quiz on their website (a minute of your time, geez that’s fast) it‘ll put together a skincare routine best suited for you for free. Or if you’re just starting out on your clean beauty journey then you can buy the same kit I used for only $25. Your girls got you though because I’ve got a 15% discount code you can use just cause we’re pals ;) Tap the picture on this post to check em out. And if you do happen to get anything DM so we can chat about it, yay! Use my ref code “ref_tinydancerrrr” at checkout <3

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Protecting your skin is cool!

Now that I’m older sunscreen has become an important step in my skincare routine. Sundaze is a small business I joyfully support because their sunscreen is cruelty-free. Wait, I’m not done- paraben, sulfate, fragrance, and silicone free! Whoa, a lot of good free fun! It’s formulated with 18.9% non-nano zinc oxide. Perfect for protecting from not only UVA but also UVB rays. And I looove that it doesn’t ever leave a white cast. Perfect to wear with makeup or without, whatever you choose. It’s become one of my favorite skincare steps. Guess what? The packaging can be recycled! It’s just a little extra step to help our planet and you’ll even get to use every last bit of the product. Once you’ve used this you’ll know you definitely wanna use every bit left in there heh.

Sundaze Skincare
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