Tips and tricks for coping with anxiety

“ you got this”

some tips and tricks for anxiety
* if you are feeling anxious or feel like u are gonna have a panic attack THE BEST thing you can do and what has helped me so much is leaving the situation or place i am in when i feel this emotion and go for a walk.
example: i used to feel very panicked at school during lunch with my anxiety

solution: i would leave the cafeteria and go for a walk, walk to my locker walk down some hallways until i felt calm and better enough to return to the cafe.

* if you are having a panic attack or feel anxious use self talk. i literally bitch at myself ( yes ik sounds crazy) but i will literally get mad at myself and tell myself how there is nothing wrong and how i’m safe, reassure myself.
example : i’m gonna have a panic attack because i ate food and have anxiety about that.

solution: hannah it’s just food there is no harm to it, everyone eats you have eaten this much before you are fine. there is nothing to worry about it’s just your stupid anxiety!

* always have a plan/ people, one thing people with anxiety can feel is trapped, helpless and scared. one thing i like to do is always have a plan on how i would be safe or be okay if i did have a panic attack.
some things could be
* having your own space to be by yourself : car, room, locker at school. this is a safe space for you to be alone so u can calm yourself down when u are in public situations.
* having what i call security people lol. figure out the people in your life that make u feel secure and safe so u know if u had a panic attack they can help u and will make u feel better.

* stay off your phone, one of the first things people do when they panic is go on their phone to distract yourself. this is horrible. your phone without realizing it is a place of stress and anxiety. social media’s, people texting you, friends talking to you asking you questions or talking about drama and such, is a big thing that will stress you out! stay off your phone and focus on what is around you, what is happening in the moment. not what happened yesterday or in the future! look around and ground yourself!