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Hey it’s tirss…

A 26 year old mom of three living in sunny Southern California! My days are full of craziness chasing around two boys as well as learning how to raise a perfect little girl!

I’ve always had a passion for helping others which landed me a job in the healthcare field working as a CNA and going to school for my RN degree. Although I was making a difference in people’s lives I found myself not feeling happy or fulfilled in my personal life. I was not only physically tired but emotionally and mentally too! Having two full time jobs as a mother and employee started to take its toll. I had no energy and most importantly no time to spend with my family and cherish the little things! I was putting all that effort into making my employers money and I started thinking about what kind of life was giving my children and how I could make it better. Does this sound familiar?

I’ve since found a new purpose in life, one in which I can still help others but it’s on my schedule! Be that in helping achieve confidence, discovering their worth, finding happiness, or their dream lives. I’m here to help them grow while looking and feeling stylish yet graceful.

I collaborate with the one of the worlds leading vegan, toxic free, clean beauty and wellness companies. I can help you grow personally and financially. If this an opportunity you’re looking for, or you simply want to be more mindful of the products you consume follow the links when you swipe left!

Let’s chat soon!