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A little about Titan&Cyanea!

Titan's Birthday: 07•07•2018
Titan's Gotcha Day: 12•10•2018
Cyanea's Birthday: 03•09•2020
Cyanea's Gotcha Day: 5•4•2020

Titan is a purebred American Pitbull Terrier that was a Facebook rescue. The woman that I got Titan off of was very immature and a pathological liar unfortunately... The breeder that Titan came from is a very responsible breeder but unfortunately she didn't know that this woman was not truthful at all and she didn't tell the breeder that I had Titan until just about a 1½ to 2 years later. Titan was meant as a Christmas present for my little brother. I got Titan at 5 ½ months old. He is the first purebred dog that I had gotten. He is very smart although he is very stubborn and only listens to Negative Reinforcement training. This beefcake is approximately 75lbs of pure muscle. He loves swimming but hates baths. If your sitting in a chair and there's room for him on your lap then he will literally jump up on your lap.🥺♡

Cyanea is an American Pitbull Terrier/ German Shepherd mix that is the sweetest thing that you'll ever meet. What was somebody's accidental litter was my blessing honestly. The same female that rehomed Titan to me was supposed to give me a free puppy out of her planned litter. Things didn't go as planned evidently and she wanted me to pay full price for a puppy. I didn't have the money so I told her that I'm not doing that. One sunny evening I had been working at pet supplies plus and a woman walked in and had seen Titan on my phone since I had it down on the counter. She asked me if I know anybody that's looking for Pitty Mix puppies, I took down her number and told her that I'd let her know. Maybe a week later I found out that I wasn't getting a puppy from the woman that re-homed Titan to me so I messaged the lady that gave me her number for atleast 3-4 weeks straight trying to get a hold of her. I wasn't going to give up just yet so I still kept trying. She finally got back to me. She had 3 puppies left by the time she got back to me. I picked out the toes puppy(because she had white on the tips of her paws that made her look like she had toes) at this point I was like okay it's just coincidental that I'm getting her. So I got her and I happened to look at her birth certificate maybe about 2 months later only to find out that the was born on my father's birthday. My mom passed 2 years before that so I know that, that was her doing. That's how I got Cyanea!♡

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