Welcome to my space!

Tejas Menon

Hello. Namaste. Salam sejahtera. Ni hao.

If you are here, I guess we both want to break the notion of an "ideal future" society has made us believe in.

This is my story. While in university, I was always working while studying as a form of escape because I didn’t want to pursue a degree then. But, hailing from an Asian background, my family always said that a degree is the only way to be successful in this life.

I graduated finally after 4 years. So now what? Apply for jobs right? I've always worked to discover myself and to develop lifelong skills. I never felt fulfilled in all the 10 organizations I worked for. Something was always missing.

So in June 2021, I took the biggest leap of faith by joining this financial education platform. I was scared, skeptical, and fearful. But something in me was telling me I should do it. My birthday came and I signed up. 3 months in, this honestly has to be the best decision I took. I was at the lowest point in my life and this new journey changed that. I've not invested in any form of financial literacy and this was the best opportunity I have taken. I thank myself every day for taking this step to come out of my comfort zone. I always thought working physically is the only way to earn but who knew you could gain way more (literally there is no limit) earning passively with little physical labor.

There are always solutions to all problems in life. But the question is, are you willing to explore different things or take a different route to achieve that life you want? Keep your heart and mind open to new opportunities. The world has evolved. Technology and social media have become the biggest part of our lives. Learn, adapt, change & grow or else, you will be left behind.

Hi, my name is Tejas and this is just the beginning.

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