My top self care picks

My recommendations for self care

You can call it hot girl summer, city girl summer, minding my business summer or getting money summer. One fact remains the same for whatever mood you’re in... you neeeeed to take time for yourself. Let me help you with self care this summer.

Face masks

Top 3
1. Indian Healing Clay
•Add Apple cider vinegar or witch hazel to this clay for a deeeeeep pore cleansing experience. This mask tightens up as it drys so it does feel strange at first.

2. Minimo Tumeric Brightening Scrub
• So this technically isn’t a “mask” but you do leave it on for 10 mins so in my books it counts. It will leave your face glowing!!!! However it can stain due to the turmeric so use an applicator.

3. Freeman Deep Clearing Manuka Honey + Tea Tree Oil
•This is a truly calming face mask with deep clearing benefits. I love this mask because it’s cools as it drys and really does what it says it will ( got to love an honest brand). It’s also super cheap so for my penny pinchers this is it.

Click the picture to take you to my amazon list that contains my go to face masks and other self care goodies!!


There’s nothing better than laying back with headphones in and escaping the world. Create a chill playlist to listen to while face masking.

Click the picture or search “Chill and other things” in Apple Music to listen to my playlist.

You can enjoy songs from Coldplay, Jhene, Chance the Rapper, Maroon 5 and much more.


I know this is a dying hobby but getting lost in a book is still one of the most relaxing things to do. Now you can even get all the best books on Audible and listen to the on your phone, speaker or Alexa.

My top 3
1. Becoming by Michelle Obama
• I have nothing but good things to say about this book. So beautifully written, by the end of the book I feel empowered, inspired and in awe. I recommend reading it on Audible because Michelle narrates it herself!

2. With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo
• While self help books are my go to every now and then I need a true escape. Something that doesn’t make me completely rethink my life. While I wasn’t completely a fan of the narrator on Audible the story is really good.

3. You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero
• When I tell you Jen was talking about me!! I was offended but grateful that she cared 😂. What sold me was her analysis of attaining wealth and the toxic relationship some people (me) are prone to having with money if they’ve grown up a certain way. Give it a try if you need a slight read of your life.

Click on the picture to see these books and many more on my amazon list.

- Also audible had a free 30 day trial if you want to check it out.

- P.S the picture is a book I want! to read called “Again, but better” by Christine Riccio if you’ve read it already let me know if you like it!

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