it’s me!

a little about me

I am a videographer, editor, and motion graphics designer based in Totowa, NJ and the New York City area. I approach my videography work with a cinematic but simplistic way. I thoroughly enjoy moving through the creative process and seeing the final result. Film/video is changing every day, and the endless possibilities make the medium fun and exciting.

Film has always been a passion of mine. As a little kid, I made so many short films involving superheroes, rock stars, or kids transported to another dimension. They might not have been the best films, but they certainly brought me to love filmmaking and videography.

I picked up photography while in college, where I would have friends model for me. I began freelancing, shooting for actors, models, or companies.

I currently am an associate video producer at CBS News, where I edit the daily news and create graphics and title sequences. I interned at Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, a lively place to work where I had opportunities to shoot and edit live performances, celebrity interviews, and original content. I also created and edited all their social teasers.

When not working on other projects, I like to travel, read a book or two, or run around with my dog.

- tom hornberger.