Tomorrow’s Promise

My Natural Hair Journey

I started my natural hair journey five years ago! I was excited and anxious about caring for my own hair and didn’t quite know where to start. I became a product junkie like most starter naturals; buying whatever natural products I could find and experimenting with different styles I found on YouTube tutorials!

Although my hair started to grow, it was a very slow process and many of the products I used, my hair didn’t seem to like. Frustration set in and I permed my hair two years in to my natural journey. THAT WAS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE! My hair instantly start falling out in chunks every time I washed it. I tried everything I could to save my hair with what I had learned thus far about caring for it, but nothing worked. I decided at that moment I would go back to being natural FOR GOOD. I chopped off all of my permed hair and started my natural journey again!

Three years ago while researching natural soaps for my face I discovered raw black soap! To my amazement it was not only a natural soap for your face but also a great cleanser for your hair.

From there I created a mixture for natural hair that promotes healthier, stronger hair. With 100% natural oils and Raw African Black soap my shampoo is personalized with your specific hair in mind!