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Welcome to Tomorrow’s Self

My virtual coaching business focusing on Empowerment and Mindset coaching.

Coaching might be right for you if you:

* Are looking to gain clarity on something you’re unsure about.

* Feel as though you aren’t reaching your full potential in an area of your life.

* Need someone to help you with accountability to your goals

* Want to create a schedule or plan, but don’t know where to start

* Appreciate support creating attainable and actionable life-changing goals whether big or small.

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Hi, I’m Brittany! I’m so glad you’re here. 💜✨

Brittany is a life coach who works with women who are ready to embark on the journey to an improved mindset and empowerment, but need some guidance and support to turn their intentions into action and ultimately, achieve their goals.

Brittany is a wife, new mother to a smiling baby girl, and chronic illness warrior. Prior to becoming a mom-preneur, Brittany spent ten years in Consulting, specifically Project Management Operations and Human Resource Management.

Brittany started her coaching business in 2021 to help women identify the obstacles keeping them from pursuing their goals. Especially when the high demands of life, work and family kick in, she helps clients devise plans to make them feel encouraged and proud in their everyday lives.

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