Freelance paralegal

Serving attorneys to foster efficiency and effective achievement

TonAbby_Legal is a novel, virtual paralegal company based in Abuja, Nigeria. It is made up of one paralegal, and it provides services to single practitioner private practice attorneys, public Law firms of 2-6 attorneys, and/ or retired attorneys seeking assistance with legal research, briefs, and reports.
The company’s vision is to shoulder the writing and research aspects the legal practice demands, such as drafting case briefs and reports for attorneys and/or law firms who hire the company, and in so doing, meet and exceed the expectations of clients, as well as shoulder the burden of researching into court cases legislations

made, and the background behind those legislations. .

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Freelance paralegal

Serving attorneys efficiently, tenaciously and ethically.

TonAbby_Legal is a novel, affordable Civil Law paralegal company with the aim of assisting busy attorneys with major tasks such as performing research, and minor tasks such as drafting legal documents. At the moment, TonAbby_Legal operates virtually, specifically through Fiverr at TonaLegal; services may be requested and booked via zoom call(for international clients), LinkedIn DM, or phone call for local clients.
Payments are made through the Selar, PayPal, Stripe, or CashApp payment gateways. I will provide you with a link.
Thank you for choosing TonAbby_Legal.
Disclaimer: I am based in Abuja Nigeria, and will work arduously to complete assignments promptly, typically within eight weeks, depending on the magnitude of assignment given, however, the National power provider is unreliable which may prevent me from keeping to the schedule. Should the completion of an assignment exceed ten weeks, a 5% discount on total fees will be applied. My charges run from $3,500 to $10,000.
Below is an overview of services provided.

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