Who is The Stylish One?

Starting her style journey in 2008, Tonae' is a Fashion blogger turned Wardrobe Stylist who has used her love for sustainable fashion to start a digital style house. Mixing her love of vintage flare with a modern edge, her eye for detail and design construction are unlike her peers. Excelling in the art of Creative Directing, her goal is to assist Fashion Brands and those in the social spotlight to enhance their overall style and appearance!

Confessions of A Style Fanatic

A fashion column for the AFRO Newspaper.


The Intro

Confessions of a Style Fanatic is AFRO’s latest fashion column, featuring style guru Tonae’ Lee, which serves as your go-to for style tips, fashion advice, designer exclusives and much more!

The Intro

Fashion Literature We Love

A great way to keep yourself occupied is by having your head in a good book to help your mind stay active.

Fashion Literature We Love

Upcycling And the Rise of Sustainable Fashion in Baltimore

“Sustainability is key” is a motto we love to live by! Whether it’s sustainable decor, beauty products and of course fashion, the rise of eco-friendly shopping and living are taking over. “Slow fashion” is now replacing the likes of “fast fashion.”

Upcycling And the Rise of Sustainable Fashion in Baltimore

Sewfabulous Sewing School Creates Next Generation of Designers

When it comes to fashion, upcycling, otherwise known as clothing reconstruction, has always been a niche of mine. Turning basic items into uniquely constructed, one of a kind pieces helps to amp up any wardrobe. Growing up idolizing the top trendsetters such as celebrity wardrobe stylists Misa Hylton and legendary designer Dapper Dan, I saw how they were able to use the art of upcycling to tell stories through clothing. Taking items and being able to truly make them your own is a very unique and crafty touch.

Sewfabulous Sewing School Creates Next Generation of Designers

Confessions of a Style Fanatic: Local stylist, designer remember their first encounters with fashion

I was able to sit down with Personal Stylist Christen Johnson and Fashion Designer Damien Villanova to talk about their first fashion encounters and what they’ve learned in the industry. Showcasing and assisting with major events like Baltimore Fashion Week, these two would know best when it comes to talking style and the industry.

Confessions of a Style Fanatic: Local stylist, designer remember their first encounters with fashion

ARCH NYC Caters To the Modern Woman!

ARCH NYC’s mission is to celebrate women through curated capsules of quality, conversation and footwear. Check out the latest AFRO News Feature on this Harlem born brand!


10 Must Haves Your Fall Wardrobe Needs

With the new season upon us, it’s time to revamp and recharge our wardrobe. Keeping things stylish and of course sustainable, let’s start by analyzing your current wardrobe. Sort items that no longer serve you before adding more pieces. Gently worn items can be donated, consigned or resold via selling apps, like OfferUp or Poshmark, to minimize waste and clutter. Here are 10 pieces that will keep you looking chic and stylish all season long.

Confessions of a Style Fanatic

The Gentleman’s Closet is Coming to Baltimore!

Baltimore is getting a fresh face on menswear this month!

The Gentlemen’s Closet is a men’s clothing boutique that was created to cater the modern man who is searching for something unique and trendy. Their mission is to make a positive impact on this planet one shoe-one suit or tuxedo at a time.

The Gentleman’s Closet

Top 10 Black Style Icons of All Time

When you think of “Style Icon” what comes to mind? I think of people who are timeless and classic with their fashion choices. Versatile and original. In my opinion, Black creatives and designers are the blueprint for a lot of the hot trends and pop culture today. It’s just like how the saying goes “Without Black culture, there would be no pop culture!” When I think of icons overall I think of those who are legendary at what they do, following no rules and creating their own lane.

Top 10 Black Style Icons of All Time

Elevating Your Styling in the New Year!

Happy new year Style Fanatic readers!

We’re heading into another year of great health, wealth and of course, better fashion. Let’s kick off the new year by discussing ways to elevate your style. Use the beginning of the year as a time to develop and work on your personal style habits. It’s also a time to find ways of maximizing your wardrobe to its fullest potential. “Out with the drab, in the fab,” is what I always say.

Elevating Your Styling in the New Year!

Celebrating Black Creatives: AFROTHREADS

AFROTHREADS® is a sister-owned design studio that celebrates the beauty, versatility, and cultural significance of African fabrics.