dog mama w/ the coffee

hello friends, i’m tonie sledz!

happy to see you came here for a little more, whether that’s for your hair, skin or finances i can’t wait to share with you!

you probably came here for a specific reason & if you’ve read this far already, you’re definitely hungry for more in life and i’d love to know you better!

i was hungry for more out of life as well, so when this opportunity of working from anywhere on my phone came up, i really had nothing to loose.

currently unsure if i am heading back to university or my pre-cvoid jobs so i made this my full-time! before i was an international business major in alabama, a student athlete playing soccer, working as a lifeguard & as a courier driver when i came home for Christmas & in the summer.

now i work from the comfort of my own home without the stress of money or time because i was willing to take a chance on myself and create goals that reflected my dreams making them into reality.

i help girls from all over create their dream life too! whether their looking for better hair, skin or finances & community, i can help you too!

let’s find the link that suits you best!

beauty biz application 🤍